Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Work - Painting Floors

My weekend work is painting the floor of the North Bedroom.  It is Valspar, the color is "coal".  We finished repairing walls, painting walls and woodwork this winter.  Shortly after finishing this room I started having problems with my knee.  Well, I still have the knee problem, but solved the work routine by sitting on my butt and scooting around the perimeter.  Who needs to kneel anyway, right?

I pinned up the drapes, and took down the shears on the three windows facing the street. 

This is the east wall of the bedroom.  Before I started painting this morning I asked Jon to help me move the bed to the center of the east wall.  I just wanted to see what it looked like, and if it suited the room layout better.  And it did.  Afterwards we move the bed towards the west wall, so I could paint the majority of the floor. 
Here's the sleigh bed tucked close to the west wall.  You can see the former painted color of the floor--a butterscotch color. 

I painted the floor around the perimeter of the bed.  Afterwards, I brought out the fan to get things going with the drying phase.
Above is one of the light fixtures we salvaged from the downstairs.  The ceilings downstairs are nearly 12 ft. and the light fixtures looked minature there.  So, we re-purposed the fixtures upstairs where the ceiling height is 8 ft. 

Jon showed me how to re-wire the light fixtures (my worklist Dec 2007).  There were two identifcal fixtures.  While re-wiring them I discovered they were made in 1961--not extra old fixtures like I originally thought. 

We enjoy re-using all the things left here by the Quien family (second owners).  The Quien family owned the house for 90 years!  (1917-2007).
While it would be nice to remove everything from the bedroom while painting the floor, it's easier for me to divide the floor painting project into two phases.  Less work dismantling the bed and moving the heavy bookcase (re-purposed dining room hutch).  This hutch is a favorite of mine and was the inspiration for the door style of the kitchen cabinets.

The three windows will be a nice place for a couple of chairs, narrow table & lamp.

I took these photos right after applying first coat of floor paint.  When dry the floor is more of a satin finish.


  1. I really like the colors of your floor. I am painting the floor in my bedroom what color did you use?

  2. Hi Angela,

    The expresso color is "Coal" by Valspar. It is Porch Enamel Paint.

    Good luck on your floors. Allow a week drying time before laying down carpets or furniture. Longer time if you can spare the time. A floor paint may feel dry to the touch--but trust me--it needs time to "cure-dry."