Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thrift Shop Wicker Rocker for the Bathroom

I found a white wicker rocker for the bathroom at Beth's shop in Auroraville.  She has so many fine things in her store.  Makes it difficult to shop for just one item at a time.  So tempting . . .

I saw the rocker and knew it work well in the 10.5 x 15' bathroom.  (Another seat besides the toilet).  Sometimes you just need a place to sit put on/take off shoes, socks.  Or, to lay an extra towel within reach of the clawfoot tub.


  1. What a very pretty rocker, and my, what a beautiful and BIG bathroom you have! It looks great in there.


  2. Good Morning!

    Yes, I agree that is a perfect spot for the rocker.

    Our bathroom is going to be a complete tear off, so we are putting that project off until the last. I am thrilled that we are not doing a historical REmodel. We are just trying to make this farmhouse "liveable". When I get to that job I will have to ask your advice on REestoring the clawfoot tub. I have so many ideas for mine, one that includes painting zebra stipes on the outside...I can just see that!! I am dying to have that vision come to pass....

    Thanks for sharing your home with us. It is turning into a fabulous jewel! Have a great productive week.