Monday, May 31, 2010

Garage (Second Story) Art Studio

Today, we began phase two on the second story art studio above the garage--to build the east and west dormers (8'x 12' rooms).

Below, Jon and Dad opened up a 12ft. section to make the west dormer.  An identical dormer will be added to the east making room for an elevator, and canvas/frame storage.  There will be windows in the dormers, but ceiling fixtures w/ 5000k bulbs will light the studio.   

Here's Jon and Dad building the west dormer today, lifting the platform using the bucket truck boom.

Jon is the fellow in the white t shirt, and my father Gale in the striped shirt. 
My Dad is 80 years old . . . and is a retired contractor. 
Dad and Jon putting attaching sub floor on west dormer.  In the background is our garden.
End of the day's work for Dad and Jon. 

Lower right is Mom watching the build.


  1. Linda, Your studio will be the envy of every artist. Hope you will teach porcelain painting as well as oils. We need more porcelain painters. Can't wait to see your studio after it's completed.

  2. What an unbelievable job you are doing... high quality all the way. I'm so impressed with your hard work and dedication to this long term project.