Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crocheted Bedspread

I received the crocheted bedspread and shams from a friend.  She passed it along to me, because it had a big blue ink stain on it.  My luck was better cleaning it.  I doused it with "Zout" stain remover twice (machine washed it twice).  The ink stain completely gone.  Looks great on the sleigh bed.

I put an ivory color summer weight blanket under the crocheted bedspread. 


  1. Very nice! It would also look great with a colored blanket underneath, I bet.

  2. The spread looks elegant! Congrats on getting the stain out. I have one my great-great grandmother made, but if I put it on the bed, the cats would ruin it with their claws! So sad that it has to be tucked away in storage.