Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prints for North Bedroom

Mademoiselle Romaine Lacaux, by Pierre-August Renoir

I found this print in a white frame at Golden Country (a thift and gift shop) in New London, WI.  I slid the white frame into the center of a more elaborate old frame I purchased at auction summer of 2009.  Both pieces purchased for under $30.  This steel blue wall color in the North Bedroom is perfect for gold accents and frames. 

The other print for the North Bedroom is, "The Broken Flower Pot" by Jan Verhas.  It is a large print contained in a gold frame and light celery green mat.  It was difficult to photograph as it is framed under glass.  I cropped it to eliminate the reflection of the ceiling fixture. 

I found this print at the Dane's home in Waupaca, WI in 2009.


  1. I've always liked "The Broken Flower Pot." It's a classic!


  2. I have the broken flower pot picture with the signature on it, how much is it worth?