Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Than a Bedroom Painted Gray . . .

In a thrift shop in Auroraville I found a thick, black and cream toile comforter for $25.  And  later, at Stevens Point Hancock fabrics I saw a bolt of black and cream toile linen fabric--a match to the comforter fabric.  I bought the toile bolt containing 11 yards--enough to make (4) panels if I were careful and made no mistakes. 

With purpose and full of hope, I made a trip to Appleton to find more black and cream toile fabric.  Yes!  Found another 5.5 yards.  Plenty of fabric to make pillow shams, and then some.

Below, a photo of Elizabeth Prinz my great-great grandmother.  Jon and I found the ornate rocker at an auction last summer.  I'm amazed chairs like these go for so little.  We're delighted to give it a home and call it our own.
I admired the bust of "Chatelaine" sitting in a used-books store.  I looked at her for 3 years, made an offer and brought her home to decorate a bedroom.  Busts are either eery or cheery.  I like her.  However, Jon feels differently, telling me he'll not be sleeping in the East bedroom any time soon with two women staring at him and a third snoring in his ear.  Ha. Ha.

How to position the drapes?  Tell me if you like divided (above photo), or like this photo divided?

I'll pick up some smaller rings to pull the drapes upwards another 2 inches.  That ought to take care of the light gap between the top of the drapes.  I chose not to move the drapery rods up higher as they will cover up the flower motiff in the woodwork block.  I'd rather embrace the light gap than purposely cover up the woodwork.

The old radio, a gift from DH Jon last year on Mother's Day!


  1. Good Morning Linda,

    That room is turning out so pretty. You know how to keep the "period" correct in your decor and I love it!

    My vote is on the first look, the curtains separted. That is just my opinion!

    Have a great week.

  2. Hello Jacque. How's your spring coming along?

  3. A very pretty bedroom -- and so lucky to find the comforter at such a great price and then the fabric!

  4. Everything comes together so well in this room! It is all very elegant, yet inviting. I like that the fabric for the drapes is not too thick, because I like the sun coming through the way it does. And how lucky you are to have such a nice portrait of your great-great-grandmother! Great job. :-)


  5. Mrs. D This room has come together beautifully! I would have never thought of the Toile fabric, but its perfect. P.S. The old radio is a nice touch! :)