Sunday, April 4, 2010

East Bedroom - Paint Color

Tuesday April 20 - the new bed arrives!  I'll be dressing the room and posting new photos.  Check back again to see it.
The color for the East Bedroom is Valspar "Split Rock".  I had some fun with DH Jon, when he asked me about the color I told him it's called "Mud Slide". 

It's always difficult to get good read on a photograph showing the actual color.  You'll have to use your imagination It is a warmer dove gray--a gray with a touch of brown.  I repainted the floors--previously they were a butterscotch color and were in tough shape.
I chose an expresso color for the floor enamel by Valspar.  The color chip is "Coal".  This is the long north wall where I'll put the bed. 

I'll let the floor enamel sit for a week, then apply a second coat next weekend. The sleigh bed and mattress are scheduled for delivery mid April.

 Fabrics for the East Bedroom. 

The last project upstairs is the long hallway, 28' long by 5' wide.  I'm counting it as one room.  But that project will have to wait until next fall.

It's time to start on the outside work.  We're building the dormers next on the second story of the garage (art studio).  I have some exterior painting to finish the south gable ends of the house.  Please Lord, send the wasps to someone else's house this summer?  Amen. 


  1. Good Morning Ms. Linda!

    Your projects are coming along nicely! I love the colors you have chosen for everything--they look period to the home. I am trying to finish up a powder room. The plumber is going to be here the end of this week--and then, I can post pics of that project on my blog.

    The wasps are out in full force here now. The past couple of days we have been trying to get the yard ready for Spring and with the forsynthia and daffodils and assylum in bloom--they are working overtime. I think they are just trying to build more nests because we tried to eliminate all the ones we could find last year. We have bombed and tried all sorts of things to get rid of them here, to no avail!! I know where you are coming from, that's for sure!

    I can't wait to see more work on your artist studio. I know you will be happy to see it finished as well.

    Have a happy productive week.

  2. I love your fabrics! I think they will go well with the subtle gray tones. A very elegant combination!


  3. Love it ! I especially like the painted floor. Our mbr has a white floor, and I just cannot get it smooth as glassy like yours. Any hints ?


  4. BUY THE RUG!!!!
    I had a friend tell me that when I saw something I just had to have...wait 10 days. If I wanted it just as bad on the 11th day...go buy it. Sometimes it may already be gone and I assume it wasn't meant to be. This has saved me money many times when I get caught up in the hype of buying. Hope the rug is still it.

  5. Hi I am wondering if you can tell me the swatch number for the Valspar split rock? I've tried to find that color at my local Lowe's and they can't find the color and neither can I. My email is

  6. Hi Janet

    Perhaps I can solve your problem about the color "Split Rock". I purchased it from Mills Fleet Farm a Wisconsin based stored.

    The brand name is Legend, and is a paint manufactured by Valspar exclusively for Fleet Farm stores.

    Here is the formula, right off the sticker on the can. I'm sure other paint stores can mix it for you.

    Valspar Prism Rack
    Legend Interior Latex, Eggshell
    ID J100-4C
    Name: Split Rock
    AXN - OY 4.000/48
    B - OY30.000/48
    KX - 6Y4.00/48
    L - 5Y24.000/48
    Can: 1 Gallon
    Base 594 CLR
    Custom Color

    I love, love the color, and will use it again when I paint the 800 sq. ft. art studio (under construction right now). The art studio design is contemporary, and I'll post photographs later this summer about it.

    Good luck on your painting project. Stop in again soon. Hope you'll become a regular follower of my website,

    Mrs. D.

  7. wow. that trim on the door is absolutely gorgeous!!