Sunday, May 6, 2018

Teal Diamond Quilt and the 1951 Singer 201-2

Joining half square triangles to make the quilt border 

Smooth sewing on the 1951 Centennial Badge Singer 201-2 with knee lever speed control.  I don't care for knee levers, so I plugged in my stand-by 3- prong power cord (2 wire) fitted with a 1960s clam shell foot control (preferred).  

How to make the quilt:

Grayed-green background fabric:  Cut 10" Squares (80 pcs).

Scrappy Fabrics: 4" Squares.

Draw diagonal line wrong side of scrappy 4" fabric squares.  Pin one 4" scrappy square at each corner of the grayed green 10" square.  Sew on the diagonal line.  Cut off excess fabric 1/4" from the seam line.  This is called snow-balling the corner to make a block.    Keep the excess cut off fabric triangles to make the border (see first photo above).

Sew 8 gray green/scrappy corner blocks together to make a row.  Makes 9 rows.

Sew the rows together.  Suddenly, you have a Diamond Quilt.

I pieced the backing fabric with lots of scrappy fabrics, using the leftover 8 snow-ball blocks and leftover borders of half square triangles.

Frame loaded with backing, batting, and quilt top

Floral Feathers sequence begins with a spiral (spine) ending in a feather loop, then back tracking with feathers the entire length of the spine back to the starting point (upper right).

Now back at the starting point, fill the other side of the spiral spine.

Finish with feathers around the curl, then back track echoing those last feather back to the top.  Sequence begins again from that point.  And that's my Floral Feathers.

It was love at first sight when client Ellen saw the Teal Diamond Quilt.   

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