Thursday, May 17, 2018

Navy Blue Diamond Scrappy Quilt

The Navy Blue Diamond Scrappy Queen Size Quilt is a treasure of scrappy fabrics.  

On the frame--finishing first row of edge to edge long arm quilting

My favorite scrappy fabrics - I used the last but of orange coy fish fabric in this photo.

I picked a light olive green fabric for the backing and beefed up its appeal with art panels.

The cutaway triangles from snowballing the corners are never thrown away--because they make beautiful borders.  

This quilt was pieced using my 1954 Singer 301--a wonderful machine.

Here you are looking at the discarded triangles, sewn together to make half square triangles.  (320 pcs).  Sewn together a second time, end for end to make the artful border around the perimeter of the quilt.  This takes forever to do--but the impact is worthwhile.

With 320 half square triangles, there's plenty left over to build art panels for the backing.

This photo shows 1/2 of the backing construction.  For quilting--I need backing fabric 100" x 110".  Two art panels helps me reach 100" width required.  

Photo taken before starting the long arm quilting

I will be selling my quilts, purses, cell phone carriers, fabric/rope baskets, fabric journal covers, and potholders.  
Memorial Weekend, May 26-27
Rising Star Mill  - 10a until 5p
Nelsonville, WI

At the show I will be demonstrating on a 1920 New Home hand crank sewing machine. 

I recently got the New Home hand crank up and running after acquiring original parts from Steve in California, and Skipper from Alabama--members of Victorian Sweatshop Forum who are collectors of old machines.

Parts found: an original New Home hand crank and grey hound New Home shuttle.  Uses Boye #14, 20 x 1 needles.

Tip: I use a modern Universal 15 x 1 needle, by lowering the shaft of the needle slightly when I install it.  The antique Boye needle is slightly longer, harder to find, and cost more than a modern Universal 15 x 1.

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  1. Hello Linda, The New Home machine looks stunning. When you show us the workmanship that goes into a quilt, we are amazed at the effort behind the craftsmanship, both the planning and the execution, but probably not all quilts are as carefully made as yours!