Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Linda Sewing Machine

While you know me as Mrs. D--my given name is Linda.   This is my new arrival, a vintage sewing machine from London.

Our friend Dwaine buys lots of sewing machines from Europe via online auctions.  He called me in March when the Linda sewing machine was being sold on EbayUK.  

Holding My Breath During the Bidding:

It was just Dwaine and one other bidder.  There was no back and forth volleying.  Dwaine bid first, then outbid by the other bidder.  And there the auction sat for hours and hours.  

Dwaine waited until the last 15 seconds to launch his bid, but then his computer slowed and that dial thingy spun round and round for 13 seconds.  With only 2 seconds left in the auction, Dwaine's bid landed and he won.  My eyes were as big as saucers--I thought we'd lost for sure.  When I exhaled, it was time for the happy dance.

Dwaine's ending bid equaled just under $20 U.S.  But I knew going into the auction shipping fees could be $150.  Dwaine contacted the seller in advance of the auction to ask the question--if she'd consider packaging and shipping the sewing machine to the United States.  So thankful she said YES.

I am delighted with the Linda machine and have corresponded with Ms. Hemmings who was selling this flawless machine.  She was happy too, knowing the machine was traveling to the States to come live with me.  

Don't know much about the Linda Sewing Machine Company, other than the badge says it was imported by Lindeteves, from the Netherlands.  It is a Clone of a Singer Class 15 built in Japan. 

The knob shown here is to raise/lower the feed dogs.  Darning?  Free Motion Quilting?  With a Hand Crank?  So I asked some experts about these features and they say the Japanese manufacturer chose both features.  I guess the idea is, it could be motorized or people powered.  Hand crank machines are common in the UK.  More research to do; hoping to find out what year it was manufactured.

When I took this photo--I hadn't finished polishing the backside of the machine.  But as you can see from the shine in the other photos--it took no effort at all to surface polish to a mirror finish.

Dwaine he had it all oiled up and ready to go when he delivered it to me.  

I'll take this machine with me to shows this summer to demonstrate.  It sews perfectly, like the day it was made.  I am the lucky one.


  1. Hello Linda, Obviously, the Linda sewing machine was destined to be yours! It looks like a beauty--are most machines of that age in as good condition when found?

    Congratulations on this great find!

  2. Only you could come up with a sewing machine with your name as the maker. I'm sure you will love showing it off at the shows you attend. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, so happy for you! How neat to have such an immaculate machine with your very own name shining out at you!