Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm a basket case

I found a way to use up fabric scraps.  I made a fabric basket.  I embroidered the pocket, but a person could use a permanent marker and personalized baskets with names, or threats!

I grabbed rectangles of fabric and stitched them together to form a patchwork.

Then I free motion quilted the patchwork (exterior) to a foundation fabric (interior)

I made a fabric casing top and bottom, and inserted plastic industrial strapping top and bottom.

I cut out 4 circles of fabric, stitched them together and hand-stitched the bottom of the basket.
Wonder Under.  Heard of it?  Sounds like some term for underwear.

Wonder Under is a glue sheet with a paper backing.  It is used to heat set (apply) fabric layers one on top of the other.  I created this tote in a sunburst pattern--kind of reminds me of the 60's tie-dye look.

Henry the bird personally approved this bag for sale in Laurie's shop.  It will be delivered tomorrow.

Somehow, throw all the colors together and they look ok.

The interior pockets (4 pockets) are couched with decorative ribbon. 


  1. Say, I recognize some of that leftover fabric! It's always an inspiration to see what your creative mind is up to!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Ooops, did you see your interior bag fabric at the bottom of the fabric basket?

    I consciously would never put you at the bottom of the barrel. Just had a hunk of your material left over, enough to cut a circle.

    Will you forgive me?

    I have a new sewing idea--something really special I'll be posting soon. You'll laugh and laugh and laugh. And surprise--it is not a shopping tote. Can't wait for you to see it.

    Mrs. D

  3. The saying on the basket made me laugh. You crack me up! :)

  4. Love the basket! You are just so clever

  5. Great idea and of course, a fabulous job. You're good!