Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wine Tote Project

Supple winter white upholstery fabric makes up the exterior body of wine tote. 

I embroidered a numbered pocket for the front.  

I'm making three more wine totes No. 1,3,5, for a shop display.  

The interior is a black and white cotton. 

The wine bottle bottomless pockets are padded--constructed with layers of  black and white printed cotton, two layers of polar fleece, and black cotton printed cotton.   
Padded pockets keep the bottles from clanging together.

Inside view of the wine tote


I had some gray micro suede fabric leftover from Mark's shopping tote project, and scrap pieces left over from the wine tote bags--to make this purse I call "Tuxedo Purse."  The colors are crisp, and the fabrics are well matched in thickness and softness. 

The purse would have been "enough" as pieced strips, then I had to go all Audrey Hepburn and put a bow on it.   I couldn't help myself.

I padded up the lining, added a magnetic silver snap, and a single deep pocket.

I like the function of long straps.  I considered fabric loops left and right, with silver "D" rings and shorter fabric handles.  Maybe the next purse, eh?


  1. Both of these are incredibly nice! I especially like the idea/convenience of the wine tote. I'm not really a wine drinker, but this is great for anyone who likes to go to a lot of parties or wine tastings.

    The bow tie on the tux purse is also a very nice touch!

    How is the hallway coming along?

  2. Dear Mrs. D. -

    I keep looking at your original creations and thinking to myself that you are designing styles and lines that are highly marketable. Have you ever considered marketing a brand to a high-end retail place like Nordstrom's or Neiman-Marcus?

  3. Hi Mark. I only wish I had the know how to sell my items to a bigger audience. I haven't the foggest idea how to go about doing something like that.

    I'm kind of like George Gobel. He once said, "did you ever feel like the world was a tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

  4. Hi JC

    The hallway upstairs is done. The stairwell is started, but I'm very involved in other projects at the moment.

    I'm busy finishing sewing some items for a shop who sells my work. Recently I'm making adult bibs . . . I'm serious. When I get ready to go somewhere and brush my teeth, or put on makeup . . . it seems like I always spill something on the front of my blouse.

    There's lots of outside work to do. One project staring me in the face-- exterior clapboards closest to the ground require scraping, priming, and re-painting. I'm not sure what to do about the rain splash problem in the future. Any ideas? I need a better primer???? Was there moisture on these boards when I painted them in 2009 and the paint didn't hold?

  5. Hello Linda,
    How lovely! All of them.