Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yesterday's Project: Stitch & Slash Fabric Art Zippered Bag

I took a sewing class on line last month from Carol Ann Waugh at

Had a blast learning how to make my own funky fabric.

My project - a zippered bag to store and carry my Kindle and earbuds.

Inside the bag is a bright pink candy fabric liner w/ pocket

Here's the how to make funky fabric. 

I layered 4 printed fabrics (pretty side up), one on top of the other. 
Then, machine stitched around the perimeter to hold them together. 

I chose 4 fabric layers in descending order:
navy batik (on top)
 lime green polka dot
parchament holly berry Christmas fabric
navy batik (on bottom)

Once the layers were stitched around the perimeter, I drew large teardrops and dog bone shapes on the top fabric (navy batik) with a white chalk marker. 

I stitched those shapes with my sewing machine--using bright yellow thread--because the stitch line becomes part of the funky design.

Then the fun began. 
I started cutting away layers of fabric, leaving only 1/4" of fabric following the stitch lines.   Deciding what to leave, and what to cut, is fun.  You can't really make a mistake, honestly. 

In the end, I knew I needed another pop of color,
so I cut completely through all four layers in some smaller shapes to make windows in the fabric. 

I auditioned several new fabrics underneath, peeking through the window holes. 

I tried a medium red fabric and it was too drab. 

On a hunch I grabbed some pink candy dot fabric and slipped it underneath the four layers of fabric so I could see little windows of pink here and there.  Yes!  that looked good.

With the pink fabric at the bottom of the stack, I used a quilting foot (darning foot), dropped my sewing machine feed dogs, and quilted the devil out it,  fusing the layers together nicely.

I used a rotary cutter and mat to straighten the finished fabric
and cut extra 4" strips of navy batik fabric to trim the sides of the bag, and make the shoulder straps. 

To assemble bag, I installed a navy zipper
and pink candy dot fabric liner with pocket, and it was done. 

Nice little bag to carry and store my Kindle.  I like to listen to books while traveling or sewing. 

I'm going to try my hand at making more of these fun bags.  Would you like one?  Let me know. 


  1. I love how you used your Stitch & Slash fabric to make a Kindle bag. Isn't this a fun technique???

  2. Oh my, oh my. Carol Ann Waugh was at my website and left me a message. I nearly fainted.

    Hi Carol. Yes, yes, it was a great project, and you are such a fun person. I'm sure you've heard others say this about you--it's like I've known you all of our life. That's what kind of teacher you are. The Best!

    Taking a class online with you at Craftsy is just like having a private class. The class video is just outstanding. Love the techniques.
    I'm ready to make more funky fabric.

    Will you teach more classes via

    Still can't get over you found my website and left me a note. You made my day!

    Mrs. D