Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yes Sir, That's My Baby . . . Bib

These are not baby bibs!  They are adult bathroom bibs.  

Here's why I made them.

I get ready to leave the house and before I step out of the door I touch up makeup, brush my teeth, or spray my hair . . . and some splat of those products always seems to land on my blouse that I just pressed and put on.  Urrrrgh!

 Above photo:  an embroidered/applique donut pocket added to this bib.  Made from leftover fabric scraps from purses and totes.

I've been thinking about making myself bathroom bibs for sometime now. 

The bibs are styled with a circular neck strap--that you can adjust by tying in a bow.  Because the straps make a circle--means you can hang it on a hook. 

Can you help me with a slogan for the adult size bibs? 

I need a slogan for the garden festival where I'm going to hawk a few of these. 

Got a great idea to decorate a bathroom bib?  What would you wear on your bathroom bib? 

Leave me a comment.  Tell me your idea for a slogan, embroidery or applique design theme to win
your own personalized bathroom bib.  My offer will extend one week only. 

The bathroom bibs have a different fabric on the backside that make them reversible.  Large and small scraps of leftover cotton fabrics were used for the body and decoration.
I'm experimenting with machine embroidery designs to decorate the bibs.  It is a chance to audition an embroidery design on a scrap piece of fabric. 

Bathroom bibs can be personalized with stitching or decorative applique.  And they are 100% washable. 

Yesterday I went to the studio to design an apron pattern with a garden theme to produce and sell at an upcoming garden festival . . . and suddenly I found myself designing only the upper portion of an apron--resulting in these bibs.  They are fun to make.  

I like making my own fabric, quilting two fabrics together with skinny cotton batting in the middle.  This gives some body to the bib panel, and lends itself well to adding seam binding also constructed from fabric scraps. 


  1. Mrs D that is a super idea. I always get toothpaste on my clothes and it bleaches! Argh. I'm good with names ans slogans though sorry I can't help. I will ask hubby

  2. Hello, Mrs. D. -

    Once again, you've come up with a whole new industry! You never cease to amaze!

    These bibs remind me of something I saw one day eating lunch in a diner. An elderly lady of obvious means came in, dressed to the nines. She reached into her bag and pulled out a bib made from the identical material of her dress. I thought it was brilliant (and a very marketable idea).

    Here are my suggestions:

    Trim Togs
    Bonny Bibs (or Bonnie Bibs)
    Smile Smocks
    Glam Guards

  3. Linda,
    Why not call it a Saftey Net. Kinda think that's what it's being used for. Another of your great ideas. Hope it becomes a success.

  4. I have no more clever a name for these than you've already thought of but I think they are charming. I especially love the frog brushing its teeth. What fun!

    To answer an earlier question, no I do not have a blog...just enjoy perusing a select few. My 1915 farmhouse is a work in progress but a joy. I just had a visit from three octogenerian siblings who summered in this house years ago. They shared many memories of this old place with me and even had a bit of an argument over just where the tennis court was they had put in. No signs of it now, that's for sure.

    I enjoy your beautiful work.

  5. Hi Dear Friend,

    Just reading your latest update. How much fun!!!! You are so artistic and clever!!! How about embroidering an open eye, with long lashes and saying to go with it--
    Gotcha Covered!

    I am not real good with these clever sayings.

    Love ya,

  6. Your ideas are wonderful, and you all win a bib! Send me an email with your address. I promise I won't sell your address.

    I'm going to do a sign with all the creative names floating around in different sizes and colors. I'll finish by saying, it doesn't matter what you call it . . . It's Gotcha Covered!

    Are you guys brilliant!

    I'll need a couple of weeks to get them rocking and rolling.

    I found out the garden festival is the third week of July--not June. Oh my, what a funny to find out I was wrong on the date. Ha. Ha.