Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh My . . . We're Making Progress in the Art Studio This Week

Jon spent his week of vacation working on the art studio.  Oh, I cannot tell you how happy, happy, happy, I am to see the progress this week in the studio.  Lots of priming and painting ahead of me in the next few weeks.

Let me show you in photographs what we accomplished the two days.

At 55" Jon installed simple 1 x 4 pine shelf rails around the perimeter of the studio. 
This is wild--it looks so good--I giggle.

The shelf function is right on the money--a place to display finished oil paintings, that doubles as storage space for student's wet paintings between classes. 
I'll never have to put a nail in the wall ever!

Above is 1 of two cubbies for canvas storage.  In this photo I'm priming the birch plywood. 

The temporary cross braces keep the frame square through the priming, painted, and installation.  The cross braces gaves us some handles to grab hold when lifting the cubbies for installation.

A couple of saw horses in the middle of the studio hold the second cubbie while receiving two top coats of black satin latex.

This morning while I went to Stevens Point for window trim, Jon primed and painted the thin backing sheets to install on the canvas storage cubbies.

When I returned with the window trim, Jon already had the first canvas storage cubbie in position.  Then, he removed the cross braces and trimmed out the face of the cubbies.  I'll prime and paint the face trim tomorrow.

Here's a closer photo of the platform, stacked library card files, and canvas storage cubbie

Jon is tired as he finishes the cubbie installation and more shelf rails on the west and east walls. 

This north end of the art studio we are looking at is where all the art supplies will be stored/sold.  Underneath the countertop I'll install some carpet to store frames. 

Jon celebrates his long day with a Sprite.

The card files will store new tubes of oil paint, brushes, etc.   I have card stock ready to go, to start labeling drawers for the art studio supplies and for sewing notions in the west dormer sewing area.

While Jon was busy installing shelves, I filled nail holes with wood filler on the shelf rails and baseboards. 

I climbed underneath the sewing area and primed the sides of the library card files.
This is the south end of the studio.  Off this balcony we'll install outside stairs and railings this summer.

I've photographed this angle many times in different stages of construction.  I'll have to make a little slide presentation of the same angle, showing the transformation.

To the left is the west dormer sewing area.

Tomorrow I'll sand, tape, prime, and top coat of cubbie face trim, shelf rails and baseboards. 
Jon will remove excess lumber off the floors, and continue triming out the windows. 

We're tired tonight.  Having dinner right now.  Early bedtime tonight.
Fred and Rainie slept all day.  Lucky dogs!


  1. Hi Mrs D-

    That is looking all SO GOOD!! It looks almost move-in ready! All your hard work has finally paid off. What a fantastic job you both did on this space. I love it! :-)


  2. Is it not so exciting when dreams to come true! Jon looks pleased with himself, as well he should be!

  3. I can feel your excitement Linda. It's all coming together wonderfully.

  4. Linda, this is looking spectacular! The combination storage cabinet and file cases is very chic! And I've been imagining a shelf like yours in my studio — it works so well with framed pieces of different sizes, unifying the look. Great progress!

  5. Linda, looks really good. Love the shelf around the room. It's a shame we can't do it out here...but earthquakes would not be kind to the things we sit on it! You two have done an amazing job. I prediect you'll spend many, many hours in your studio.