Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a Circus Around Here!

The siding is finished on the two-story garage/workshop/art studio.  Jon had the siding milled to match the siding on the 120 year old barn. 

Jon worked on the art studio (second floor) last weekend.  He installed the baseboard, and hung the closet door.  We also have heat in the studio and in Jon's workshop below.

We talked about the layout for the countertops, and I measured and put down blue painters tape on the floor to mark location of the countertops and canvas storage, and left a drawing to show Jon how I imagine the finished art supply space will look. 

Jon carefully removed (sawed off) the backsplash on the prefabricated countertops to accommodate the rather tall windows he installed. 

Why we chose those tall windows:
I found the 29x57 windows for the art studio at Lowes, reduced to $45 each.  Original price $245.00 each.  The downside--they came without screens.  Months later, I went to Lowe's to order screens for the windows--and can you believe on that very day, at the ordering desk, right behind me, was a large rolling rack in the middle of the aisle.  I looked at it, and couldn't believe what I saw . . . . 9 screens for my 29x57 windows reduced to $5.00 each.  I bought all 9 screens . . . and saved another $225.

Last weekend Jon and I discussed the function and form of the 4 inch shelf that will travel around the perimeter of the art studio walls.    Positioned at a height of 55" the 4 inch shelf will store student's wet paintings.   This is be the same style of shelf/railing Jon installed in the upstairs bathroom.

Below :the west dormer (right) is a little space carved out for sewing and recovering vintage lampshades.

Upstairs in the art studio, the saw is buzzing . . . the air compressor is running, and Jon is trimming out the windows, doors, and baseboards.  The compound miter saw/rails, sawhorses, and SAWDUST keep me and my camera away for the moment. 

I keep asking, do you want some help?  He always says, "no . . . I want to be alone when I cuss." 

I promise, I'll post some photos--even though it looks like a 3 ring circus. 


  1. Good luck on the remodeling...will be worth it.

  2. Hello Linda,
    I can't get over how much work and love you and Jon have invested, but, my gosh, how impressive and beautiful it already looks. It's going to pay off big time.
    It shows when something is done with the heart.
    Cirque du Coeur.

  3. Hey Mrs D, nice to see an update! I can't wait to see some photos. Did you catch the semi-recent post that I made, that shows the shades I bought to go on the fixture you gave me? I think it looks great.

  4. I think it's wonderful how you've kept the style of your new building to match the rest of the property. I know it's going to be a place that brings you happiness and satisfaction.

  5. Looks good. Can't wait for photos of the completed studio. What a project to tackle. But it's going to be so much fun for you when it's completed.

  6. Wow, it looks great from the outside! Can't wait to see it all finished. It's so nice that both you and Jon are so handy, and you both are so thrifty where it counts. Soon it will be bustling with art students. Bet you can't wait!


  7. Anthony--thanks for the good luck message.

    Anyes, I hope you'll come visit me and we can get together and paint. I'll stop by your blog to see what you have been doing.

    Gearhart, I miss talking to you this winter. You know, you don't need an invitation to come visit. But then again who in their right mind would leave California in the winter to come to cold Wisconsin?

    JC, I dropped you a message at your blog recently. You are doing some amazing work at your 1923 Four Square. Looking wonderful. You are so talented, and make the transformation look easy (I know its not easy--but you make it look easy).

    Hi Mark, Thanks for your praise, glad you like the style of the building. Today I'm priming and painting the cabinet bases for the "recycled" library card files to be installed under the countertops in the art studio. Jon built them this weekend.

    Hello Mary. I thought about you yesterday. I'm planning ahead for a trip in August to your neck of the woods--and want to stay at your bed and breakfast. I'll drop you a line, ok?

    Pam. I've been bad (busy), and should have written to you . . .
    I'll stop by your blog and leave a note. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Its been 3 years since we started the garage/art studio build. I tease Jon and tell him if he doesn't hurry, the art studio will become a memorial. Ha, Ha.

  8. How lucky are you! The place looks beautiful and can not wait to see more.