Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime - Marinating Cucumbers and Onions

Last night we made a Chicago style grilled hotdogs for dinner.    I started with 8 for $2.29 Aldi's Angus beef hot dogs grilled in a hot pan on the stove (raining outside, so didn't use the gas grill).

Grilled the buns in a bit of butter.  Chopped a tomato, green pepper, sweet pickes and added "1 hour quick marinated cucumers and onion slices."  Here's how.  I chopped up the last 10 bread and butter pickles and saved the juice.  Sliced one half of a large cucumber, and one half of a white onion.  Stuffed 'em into the pickle juice for an hour. 

Last night we punished the marinated cucumbers and onions.  So, this morning I chopped up the remaining cucumbers and onions and tossed them into the juice.  Tonight we'll eat them for a side dish.  We're having Baked and BBQ Sauced Chicken Drumsticks, and Buttered Rice with Broccoli.
And, we're having Lemon Pie.  Jon will take one to work, and we'll eat the other one. 

Lemon Pie 3
The best part of being retired is having time to cook, bake, and go to the Fitness Center. 


  1. YUM...cukes are the taste of summer ;)


  2. Lucky Jon gets a whole pie to take to work! I love hot dogs... they are such a summer thing for us. And definitely Chicago-style! :-) Ah, how I long for retirement....