Monday, June 27, 2011

Discussion about the Birds Eye Maple Desk (more photos)

I received some great comments from Mark, Richard, and Ann about the Birds Eye Maple Desk I posted a couple of days ago.

Mark, Richard, and Ann have wonderful websites I follow.  Be sure to check them out!




Birds Eye Maple Desk:  Richard and Mark agreed the desk was Eastlake.  I added some photos to confirm Richard's review that the desk once had a top to it.  Here are more photos noting peg holes and a cleat.  I'm hoping to hear more comments from them about what the top might have looked like. 

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  1. Ms. D. Thanks for stopping by and giving me such sweet comments. I do have a few copies of the June Issue of Victorian Homes magazine still available. They are$5 and shipping is $2. Send me your address and I will send it out. You can just mail a check. Thanks again and again. Richard