Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art Studio / Sewing Room

Here we go. 

We built a new garage between our Queen Anne Victorian and the old barn.  The garage is a two story building with a new art studio and sewing room on the second floor.   

Our drywall experts:  Bev and Tom Lederhaus.  They do oustanding work.

Below: Tom Lederhaus on stilts mudding the drywall seams.

Above: the elevator shaft in the east dormer.

 Bev Lederhaus muds the drywall screws.  When Jon framed in the elevator shaft, there was a little space left over to build a shallow broom/supply closet. 

I am standing at the north west corner of the art studio.  Beyond the French door is a balcony overlooking the backyard and vegetable garden. 

Standing at the North East Corner of the Studio looking South.  Off to the right you can see the West Dormer (8' x 12') a space dedicated for sewing.  Looking forward to sewing in great light.

 I'm standing in the East Dormer where the elevator is located, looking across the main art studio space into the sewing room.

 Here's a straight on shot of the sewing room.  It's not big, but it is heaven to me!

Center light source in the sewing room will be a fan/light fixture.  Only another woman my age with hot flashes will understand why I need a fan in such a small space.  Plans: two matching antique ceiling pendants on either side of the double windows planned--repurposed from two upstairs bedrooms in the Victorian.   "L" shaped countertop supported underneath using the library card files Mom and I refinished in black satin enamel last September.  

Below are photos of refinishing those library card files.

The credenza contains four sections bolted together (60 drawers).  I removed the mid-century modern legs.  These sections will sit underneath (support) the sewing room countertop.

Two credenzas = 120 drawers of library card files.  That was a long, long project. But worth it.
Standing in the middle of the art studio.
Straight ahead is the north wall, and cartons of walnut laminate flooring, and the library card files are stack one on top of each other covered with an old comforter.

 Above: I'm standing at the South East corner of the art studio.  To the left is the sewing room.

 I pointed my camera towards the East dormer elevator.

Above:  The East dormer

Once the elevator is installed Jon will remove the ladder and close the opening in the floor. 

We've turned the corner on the construction mess.  Hot dog, it's looking good. 

Note: I took these photos at the beginning of the mudding/taping process.  This morning the drywall team finished and the rooms are ready to paint.  This afternoon I picked up Zinzer 1-2-3 primer and when this 95 degree weather dies down a bit, I'll start painting. 

I'm saving the top coat color as a surprize.  I reupholstered 10 chairs last summer/fall for the studio, and if you'll check back last summer's journal I acquired some very cool vintage chairs for the studio. 

I'm so excited.  It won't be long now.  We'll be dressing the studio.  See ya later, aligator.


  1. What a wonderful addition, and so much room. It is just fab. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House

  2. Ooh, I was wondering when your beautiful new art studio was going to be finished! Looks like pretty soon! You've been so busy repurposing and refinishing all those great pieces... you must be so excited! If I lived any closer, I'd probably take some classes. It's so great to see the progress. And your new sewing space is to-die-for! :-)


  3. I love all the space you have. I can guarantee it will fill up fast. I know from experience. There's just never enough room. I look forward to seeing your studio completed. You're so lucky to have so much space. Can't wait for you to start teaching. Your students will be in for a great surprise. Remember, I know how you paint! Keep up the good work.

  4. What a luxury of space! I'm looking forward to your grand reveal, and I hope you photograph the catalog drawers with their new contents.

  5. wonderful !!! I know you are going to be SO happy.
    A new Barn AND an elevator no less...!
    You will never be in the house again.


  6. Hi Linda,
    My gosh, what a space! Good lighting is essential when sewing and you will have plenty, but also, you will have beautiful natural light for your art. Wonderful space.