Sunday, June 13, 2010

Building The Art Studio (more photos)

Today, DH Jon and his buddy Ben finished the shell of the west dormer.  We're so glad to be this far.  Rain, rain, and more rain all last week, and cloudy and cold all day long.

Above: Standing in the middle of the studio, I'm facing the east dormer.  On the right of the floor is the opening for the elevator. 

I'm standing at the north end of the studio looking south to the balcony doors.  Left is the east dormer, and barely visible to the right is the west dormer (sewing room).

Standing in the middle of the studio I'm facing the east dormer, and great view of the old blue barn. 

Above: this is the west dormer 8' x  12' room just like the east dormer.  DH Jon will put countertops around the south and west walls.  My sewing machine and serger will be in this room.   This is so exciting, I have to pinch myself.

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  1. Linda-

    WOW! It's almost done! How exciting! Pretty soon it will be buzzing with all your creative endeavors. How cool is that?!