Saturday, June 5, 2010

Louis Wain - Artist - Cats playing in Catland

This is an oversize print by Louis Wain.  He spent his career painting cats doing human activities.  This print was a gift from a friend Pug Matzen who visited me Memorial Day.  Isn't this a jewel?  This one was published around 1910.



  1. Hello linda,
    Just joined your blog. What a treasure your are restoring! I'm quite new at this, but I'm looking forward to reading all your past posts. All my best with the building of your art studio.

  2. Linda, What a great print. What room are you going to put it in? I'm sure you'll find a frame at some consignment stop for almost nothing. Don't know the studio plans but I'm worried you won't have very much natural light. Hope you make plenty of windows. Can't wait to see it completed...and some of your paintings hanging on the walls. Keep up the good work.

  3. I LOVE it!!!!

    Kathy (in Pa)

  4. Linda-

    I love Louis Wain. He did great cat art... so much fun. What a nice friend to give you such a great gift! :-)