Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recycling a Couple Library Card File Crendenzas

My neighbor friend gave me these two identical card file credenzas.  Wow, what great storage for the art studio and sewing room.  120 drawers of storage space to hold everything from tubes of oil paints & brushes, to sewing notions.  Drawers will be easy to label. 
Above, you can see I've started to remove brass fixtures and will buff them up just a bit to feel clean to the touch.  I sanded some of the drawers this evening.  When the drawers are done-I'll remove them, then sand the frame, prime everything, and finish with two coats of satin black.

I think they'll look smashing, and the function is over-the-top perfect for me.

Above, check out the legs, ewwwww--they're going bye-bye.  Without the legs, the credenza is 29" tall, perfect table-top height to add laminate countertop in my sewing space. 

The 2 credenzas ares each 66" long.  I'll put one credenza in the sewing room (west dormer), and the other credenza DH Jon will built a box platform to raise it to 35 countertop height for the north end of the studio--lots of room for supplies, tubes of paint, brushes, etc.

I hope to have this project done before the end of the week.  I'll drop a few "finished" photos, so you can see.


  1. Linda-

    What a great neighbor! Those card cabinets are fantastic! I agree, the legs have got to go. Having all those tiny drawers will be a wonderful addition to your art studio. Can't wait to see the results! :-)


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  3. Linda, You are such an inspiration. I couldn't do those drawers on a month let alone a wk. Maybe when I retire... Donna G