Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Purple Quilt

When the long arm machine arrived in May, the first project I quilted was sheets.
Not just ordinary sheets, but Goodwill sheets purchased on yellow ticket day at half price.
Washing up the sheets made them smell lovely. 
I made this practice quilt for my nephew Devan--he loves bright colors
My studio--a Grace majestic quilt frame and Babylock Crown Jewel long arm quilting machine.
Quilting of the purple sheet begins. 
Three layers: orange bottom sheet, batting, purple flat sheet for the top.

And then there was the fitted sheet . . . I deconstructed it, and made myself a blouse.
Not just an ordinary blouse . . . I made my own polymer buttons for the blouse.
Let me know if you'd like to see more polymer clay buttons and beads.   
I've been making lots of them.
I feel guilty showing my sewing/craft photos as this is a Victorian Farmhouse website, but honestly--there's more to my life than plaster, paint, and dust pans of debris.  No wait, maybe not. 
Oh, I don't know. 
Let me think about that for a while.


  1. You are quite the crafty person!

    My mother in law quilts,and I think she'd go a little bit ga ga for that machine you've got there. Right now she just does all the piecing of the top and then sends it off to be quilted.

  2. You never cease to amaze me! I swear you've cloned yourself and both of you work 12-hour shifts! And I don't know what's cooler — the sheets, handmade buttons or that long-armed sewing machine.

  3. I stumbled upon your website through a very loosely weaved pinterest binge.How easily that happens to me lol. First off I want to say that you are truly amazing. Your blog has me so fascinated! Your home is beautiful and what you are doing is just simply gorgeous! This "Purple Quilt" caught my attention immediately, I felt a little pinch in my heart. As I sat here and thought why, I finally realized what it was. The funky yellow sheet is what brought back the rush of emotions. When I was little my Nanny and PopPop bought me a Pocahontas bed set, I was so excited! That sheet is from the Disney Pocahontas set just like the one I had! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures, stories and creations and thank you for the little smile for old memories.

  4. Hi there I really enjoyed your Blog I also have a Crown Jewel I Love it after I got past "the learning curve" I would like to introduce you to Bonnie Kaye Hunter You can find her on the Quilt Show She is a scrap Quilter Look for her Video about cutting ,sewing (on a treadle machine) I want to make something in Polymer clay but can't find the clay I love "the old house" Barbara in Tx