Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunburn on the Beach Quilt

Color Challenge - making a quilt using bright primary colors on a field of white.  I call it "Sunburn on the Beach" remembering the early 60s and fun summer days on the beach, cool water, blue skies, my first 2-piece yellow and orange swimming suit.
As I quilted I imagined solar heat (flames) radiating from the sun and heating up the surface of inflated blue beach balls. 
I used poly batting for a light weight summer quilt.  I like how the poly batting puffs up.
Problems and Solutions:

I didn't have enough white cotton for the backing, so I added yellow printed cotton squares in the corners.

Didn't have enough blue cotton to making binding so I alternated blue, green, fabric strips to make enough.

Having to substitute other prints added more life and vibrance to the quilt. I'm glad it turned out that way.
I'm working on new quilt right now--with the working title Circus Circus. 
I'm going to try my best to have it quilted and posted by the end of the week.
Ha. Ha.  That ought to give me a challenge.

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