Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is the Difference Between a Raven and a Crow?

Turns out . . the name Crow is used for the family of birds Corvidae that includes the Raven species.

All Ravens are Crows, but Crows include other birds like jays and magpies.

So what else?

The Common Raven is larger than The American Crow. 

The Raven averages 25" in height and has a wing span of 4 feet.  Holy moley. 

The American Crow is smaller--about 18" tall and has a wing span of 3 feet. 

The spell book is a spoof, a prop I picked up from a antiques and collectible shop in Galesburg, IL.
Just a couple of days ago, I stopped in at Main St. Market Place in Waupaca, and found three impressive gentlemen crows. 

Talking to the storekeep Bernadette, she informed me the biggest guy she'd already named Edgar.
"Oh my gosh, I said.  I think Edgar should come home with me today."

But that's not all, Bernadette showed me two more young fellows.  Excited I asked her, "what is this one's name?"  She said, I believe he might be, Allan?"

Here's a photo of Allan going after the apples.

I said, "Allan is a handsome bird, isn't he?
I think he'll be moving in with Edgar."

I brought the littlest one home with me too. 
His name is Poe.

Here's a scarey thought . . .   Can birds read?

The dining room clock is tick, tick, ticking,
The crows are click, click, clicking,
And suddenly I remember--
I better get dinner started
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Come back in a couple of days to my website.
I'm making another porch person (life-size doll)
to decorate the Juliet balcony
on the second floor
for Halloween


There will be
more photos on progress this past week
 repairing walls in the stairwell. 
Oh whooopee--as I try to sound enthusiatic about this
thankless and dirty job plaster work
that seems to go on and on and on. 

I've been taking photos during the project--
Trust me,
It gets a whole lot of ugly, before it get's pretty!

See Ya Later


  1. What an interesting post and I love that vignette and book of spells!


  2. Hello, Mrs. D.,

    I love your crows! Do you know how they were used? Years ago I bought a life-size owl decoy, and it came with a pair of crows (not as nice as yours). The seller explained that the owl decoy was used by farmers to scare off crows. The crow decoys were used alternately to place in the vicinity of the owl, to encourage real crows to congregate for an attack on the owl, at which point the farmer would blast away!

    I don't know if that's a true story, and in any event, I'm sure crows are much to smart to fall for such a ruse!

    Your photographs look great!

  3. Your crows are perfect for fall and for Halloween. If that book were real, I imagine most people would look though it for a spell on how to keep crows quiet.