Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Doily Stretcher

Just wondering . . . perhaps you can tell me more about my great grandmother Edna's doily stretcher?


shipping label on the original box (photo above)

Doily stretcher belonged to great grandmother Edna

Edna passed away in 1957

Here's a photo of the doily stretcher in the original box.

More Clues

This is doily stretcher No. 243

The framed doily stretcher is about 24" x 24"

A year ago I saw a doily stretcher listed in County Living magazine--in it's "what it's worth" section.  Wish I could find the article again. 
Do you happen to have that magazine article?

I like to share my magazines with friends and family--so I don't have the magazine.  

If I could re-read the article, I'd like to know if they were talking about the same HOSTESS doily stretcher made in Chicago, IL.

I remember the Country Living magazine article revealed it's value, and
suggested it would make a great art piece to hang on the wall.

The doily stretcher hanging on the wall of my art studio

I like having the doily stretcher on the wall near my sewing machine.  I've been using it to pin up sketches of handbags and totes I'd like to make, along with notes about current projects.

I'd almost forgotten about the doily stretcher packed away in the closet
I read Mark Ruffner's post about mandalas and I want to thank him for his inspiring post.

Check out Mark's ALL THINGS RUFFNERIAN article:


  1. Hello, Mrs. D.,

    Thank you for enjoying my mandala posts and for being inspired to display your own (very appropriate) mandala!

    I have seen a Hostess doiley stretcher on eBay, but it wasn't listed with a date. I do have several suggestions, however. It might be possible to find the stretcher in old Montgomery Ward catalogues, and it might also be possible (and easier) to find a date through the patent number. In any event, it's a fun piece of art.

    I'm guessing by the typefaces used that the packaging dates between 1920 and 1930.

    — Mark

  2. Here is a link to the Country Living article you are referring to. The one you have dates to the 1940s basedf on the patent number. I just found one at an estate sale so was researching and found you. Hope this helps.