Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Studio

Here's the north wall of my second story studio we are building.

Eventually this area will house all of my sewing fabrics, machines, and notions.

The table makes a good table for pattern layout and cutting.

The white shelf rails around the perimeter of the studio look great against the gray walls and black cubbies and library card files.  But the most important reason for the shelf rails--they provide a place to display/access serger thread spools, and long arm quilting thread spools.    

For the time being the studio is where I spend my days sewing. 

When I'm not sewing-- I keep house, work on my book, and do genealogy/house research for people like me who have old homes they've restored and want to know the names of their house's previous owners, children's names, and learn about local history. 

This is the area where I'll put the long arm quilting frame and machine.  

Left is the west dormer where I sew. 

I have 3 machines set up in the west dormer.  General purpose sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machine.  I have fun with all of them.  


Here's a view of the east dormer to the left, and further on the balcony at the south end.  Off the balcony we are installing a spiral staircase . . . . yes, yes, it's true . . . real stairs. 

The elevator will be installed eventually.  When?  I don't know. 
Jon works 6 days a week, so things get delayed.  He works so hard all the time. 

Another long view of the studio's south balcony.  To the left you can see a bit of the east dormer and temporary foam door to the elevator shaft.  Currently I climb up an aluminum ladder in the elevator shaft to access the studio.  I climb up and down the ladder a dozen times a day.  Good exercise for a 60 year old, eh?



  1. Your art studio is incredible! I'm a new follower who with my husband are restoring a 1907 brick Queen Anne. I am very impressed with your daily ladder climb!

  2. Looks great! It will look even better once art pieces start popping up all over the place!


  3. What a beautiful art studio. That's nicer than some people's homes! You did a great job and I know your ability as an artist. I can't wait to see some of your paintings displayed along the walls. I know you'll create many items in your studio. Hope the elevator is installed before long. Eventually climbing that ladder is going to get real old. So happy you're nearing the end and it's turning out so wonderful.

  4. Your studio has turned out beautifully, and you are manifesting a happy and busy workout for its use!

    Long before I knew that I would one day live here, I was fortunate to meet the charming elderly lady who lived in my current house. Some of her personal items were still in the house when I bought it, and I made sure that I saved one china figurine so that her presence would have a place here.

  5. The wall color you used in your studio is stunning. Would you care to share the brand and color name of the paint? Thanks!

  6. Hello Jennifer B:
    The studio wall color is: Neutral Ground, by Valspar, Signature Series. The first gray I selected was far too blue. This gray has a green-brown undertone.

    Hi there Mark: Is the elderly lady still living? Did you get to meet her? Great story beginning . . . I like to hear more.

    Hi Gearhart: So wonderful to hear from you. Sorry I've been so quiet but . . . my life has been way too busy. DH Jon wants to know when I will begin painting the exterior of the two-story garage. Staircase guy will be here this evening with delivery. I'm teaching an audio workshop this afternoon. Working all the time on purse and totes--just finished a new concept, I call ZZ. It's time for me to sit down and write you a long email.

    Hi JC: Thanks for the comments. Love your new floors; awesome. What ever will you do once your home is finished? I see another old house remodel in your future, don't you? You do such wonderful work.

    Hi Lottie, I became a follower of your blog, and am interested in hearing more about your 1907 home. Regarding the ladder climb to the studio . . . do you think I'll accidently forget I have stairs in the back of the studio, and still climb the ladder? Probably. Ha. Ha.

  7. Oops. Hi again Mark. I re-read your note. Now I understand that you did meet the elderly lady who used to live in your house. Dah--I must be still alseep! I'm waiting for the coffee to brew and have my first cup. It's 5:30a. Nonetheless, I'd still like to hear more about the old lady who used to live in your house and things you found that she left behind.

  8. Thank you very much for the tour Mrs D. Oh how I would love a sewing studio like this. I have parts of the spare room. You have done such a beautiful job finishing the studio. It's beautiful.