Monday, July 30, 2012

Jake: Our Spiral Staircase Fabricator

Here's my husband Jon checking the circumference of the spiral staircase.  Jon poured the concrete pad 8 ft. wide and it will fit perfectly. 

I saw Jake's shop last Saturday and got to see the spiral staircase he's building for my studio.  I jumped right up the steps and tried them out.

This the fabricator, Jake. 

There are two more steps to weld into position. 
The bottom step faces east where patrons will parking on the east side of the studio, and the last step will face north to meet a landing, and connect to the studio balcony. 

My husband Jon tries out a couple steps.

The whole spiral staircase will be delivered in one piece as I understand.  The staircase will rest on a long trailer and will make its journey about 15 miles from Jake's shop to the art studio.

I know it will look quite different once the railing is added.  The staircase will be dry-fitted and then go back to Jake's shop one more time to add the landing, then primed and painted black. 

We're less than a week away from kicking the aluminum ladder out of the way. 

This will be a wonderful occasion. 

I'm going to pour myself a drink.  And I don't drink. 

I am excited to have my two favorite ladies, my Mom Lorraine and my mother in law Betty over to see and play in the studio next month.    Both gals are top notch seamstresses. 

Today, I saw RED.  I started painting the exterior of our two story garage.  I finished prime coats on the lower level of west and north walls.  It's looking good.  I really wanted the garage/studio to look like it belonged to the old barn.  So that means once the garage/studio exterior has two coats, then I can start scraping down the old barn to paint it red too. 

Regarding the old barn--I already scraped a couple of minutes, and the old paint is coming off easy. 
It's like scraping dried corn kernels off the cob.  It takes some work, but comes off clean down to the gray parched ship-lap boards.  By the way, we had the garage/studio exterior boards fabricated to match the old barn ship-lap.  

Will I be sad when another 10 years rolls around
and I can't work like this and climb a scaffold like a monkey? 

Well, I don't know. 

The 60 year old part of me says YES, and the monkey part of me says, NO.