Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best of the Best

Every once in a while I stumble across a great website.

Here's one of the best I've seen: My 1923 Four Square, by JC from Ontario.

JC's journal is loaded with magazine quality photographs giving us close inspection of his skill and knowledge.

Please join me as a follower of JC's website.  Leave a comment for him.  He sure deserves applause for his stunning work.

I think we're in for quite a year of fascinating posts from JC as he restores his home.  He is a good teacher, and is quick to share his successes as well as "those unexpected lessons learned". 

I recently left a comment on this site about the moldings he fabricated to match the original.

Hi JC,
Wow. A jaw dropping wow! You do amazing work, and I just had to drop a line to congratulate you (your determination to find the exact profile for the moldings) Oh how sweet it is. Fabulous photos by the way. I agree with you, I love how the light defines the moldings. Your place is a magazine article in the making. Push for an opportunity to do that.

Mrs. D