Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Art Studio - Flooring Installation Done!

Jon finished laying the floor in the art studio on Monday.  I vacuumed up the dust and snapped these photos.  Next weekend I think Jon will install the tabletop height (30") L shaped countertop in the sewing room (west dormer).

I'm standing in the west dormer looking into the northeast corner of the art studio.  The center north wall will have a countertop and some frame storage below.  Northwest corner floor to ceiling will be a built in unit for canvas storage.  Jon installed one of the three fans this past weekend.  Sure makes a difference in this 95-100 degree weather.

Above is the south wall.  At the ceiling (left) you can see S curve 3-bulb light fixture.   14 more light fixtures to install.  Two soft white compact fluorescent bulbs in positions 1 & 3 on the 3-bulb light fixture to point to artwork on the walls. And position 2 will be a special 5000K  75 watt bulb to be pointed down at a student's easel.

 Student easels will be arranged egg crate style, to accommodate 10-12 students.  A nice class size is 8 students.  12 students in a class is tough work.

Standing in the middle of the studio, I turned toward the west dormer (sewing room). 

The east dormer elevator shaft. 

 The west dormer sewing room.
I have 5 vintage wrought iron and vinyl chairs for the studio.  This weekend I purchased this 5'x7'charcoal rug that will be in the east dormer when you get off of the elevator.  Should help keep the floors cleaner (I hope).

Above: a detail of the 5 vintage chairs I purchased at Reflections (vintage/antiques shop) in Nelsonville, WI.

Close Up of the vinyl fabric

Below: I found 4 chrome  chairs at a garage sale--$2.75 each.  Oh my goodness, did they ever stink!  I was glad to pull off old fabric and foam, make pattern, and re-upholster them. I used brand new foam for the chair upholstering projects.

I pulled the old fabric and foam off, and made paper patterns from the new materials.

Here is one of 4 chrome chairs (finished) I re-upholstered for the studio.  What a fight to the finish and punished my fingers trying to stuff the fabric cover over the foam of the back rest.  I almost wanted to give up. 

Below:  I found side two chairs (garage sale) $5 each, deconstructed them, and re-upholstered them for the studio.  They'll be waiting chairs for the east dormer as you get off the elevator.

They smelled so bad the day I bought them and drug them home I could hardly stand to have them in the car to drive home! 

While deconstructing the chairs, I asked for Jon's help--they were so dusty I had to stop and put on a face mask--I couldn't stop coughing from the dust.  I photographed the deconstruction to have reference photographs to re-upholster the chairs. 

The chrome chairs and these two side chairs were my first attempts at chair re-upholstering.  

Love the gray chevron weave fabric. I used up every scrap of this material to recover two identical chairs.   AND used the left over material to make purses!

The south end of the studio.  The natural gas heating unit will hang from the ceiling in the corner and controlled by thermostat. 

Again, here's the sewing room, west dormer

Instead of the light bulb shown in this photo, there will be a ceiling fan.

I'll continue to add photos as we move along and finish the window and baseboard trim.  The exterior wood siding (same style as the old barn) needs to be installed before the end of summer. 

I have a special surprise to show you for wet canvas storage--that storage should be finished about the same time the window and baseboard is installed.  I think you'll really dig it. 


  1. Your reupholstery projects look very professional, especially for a first try. Congratulations on both the upholstery and finished floor.

  2. Can't imagine how u got the chrome chairs recovered? Things are looking wonderful, I am sure you are so excited!

  3. I adore how you manage your flooring look captivating and luring and the way you portray the true beauty of your ideas is truly one of a kind.

  4. Yes yes yes, now I remember which art studio is yours. I can't WAIT to see those filing index card cabinets all done, BTW. It's been months, and I can see them in the background, which is just a tease!

  5. It's going to look amazing! I love how you recycle old furniture, just like the people back then would have done!