Monday, September 13, 2010

Nearing End of Card File Project

I never dreamed working on the library card files would be such a large project. Two people, more than a week's worth of consistent toil. But, thanks to my Mom Lorraine, we're nearly there.


Above is one of the 66" long credenza without its 60 drawers. As I washed, then sanded the frame I realized the credenza is divided into four boxes--each containing 15 drawers. The four boxes were connected with 30 or so screws.

I made the decision to have the credenza divided in half for final installation into the sewing room. I can see it in my head now--in the sewing room I will sit in the center of a 10 ft. length of table height counter top (120 inches). To the left will be half the credenza 33 inches (minus its ugly legs) and the other half of the credenza to my right 33 inches. The remaining space is 54" where I can sit and sew.


Below are "one third of the drawers". Yep, this photograph shows 44 drawers in a row. The process was:
remove 120 drawers
remove brass ferrules and rods
remove the brass drawer pull hardware (Mom)
clean the brass hardware (Mom)
sand drawer fronts to remove old paint finish
prime drawers
2 coats black satin



The brass knobs on the rods can be removed, but must be heated to separate.

Taking the credenza sections apart sure made the unit easier to carry it back to the garage after painting. At this moment all the drawers are painted, and Jon and I sat a couple of hours re-installing the cleaned brass pulls Mom cleaned. Cleaning the brass pulls is a slow, steel wool cleaning process. I've got to hand it to Mom, she cleaned 8 hours straight for 3 days. Amazing!


  1. Wow! The amount of work! Your pour hands and nails, but it's going to look fantastic.

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