Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Giant Plant Duster, circa 1890

From the rafters of our old barn Jon found the Little Giant Duster. Take a peek at the label through the magnifying glass,

Jon was out in the shop working this morning before the sun came up (5:00a). I was having my first cup of coffee when he brought the duster in the house for me to see. We both have strong feelings for old items like these used by the previous owners. By touching it we feel a connection--like a handshake. Jon and I like the steam-punked look of old gears even though the items we display are on the rusty side. The smallest gear is frozen now, and the base of the blower has a fist size hole claimed by rust.
On top of the duster is the lid where you add the dusting powder. Can't read the lid--as the paint is nearly flaked off. At the top of the lid--appears to be the word UNIVERSAL. And further down another long word or two words--beginning with two letters MO.
We'll do a little research on the duster, but have no plans to "clean it up". We don't want to disturb the patina. I'll make a shelf for it and display it in the summer kitchen--that is . . . after Jon finishes the carriage house, converting it into his man-cave and moves his deer heads there. Deer heads in the summer kitchen?? Yep. Oh well . . .


Eastlake Victorian said...


That's a nice find! I get that feeling with objects, too.

I love the stove in your summer kitchen. Is it original to the house? Not crazy for the deer heads, though. :-)


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Linda,

Very Steam Punk, fantastic! It looks like this piece of machinery would eat up one's plant instead of dusting it.
Like the old objects we found in our home, I feel that the house is kind enough to lend them to me while I'm residing there. I feel they belong to the house more than they belong to me.
Thanks for sharing,