Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Change In The Weather - Queen Size Quilt


June started out with such beautiful weather.  BUT, the last part of June is turning cold.  How cold?  Was down to low 40s last night.  I turned on the furnace.

Seems appropriate to call this quilt "A Change In The Weather".  Found some dandy music, too.  I love to dance.  I tried twerking one time . . . Jon laughed and laughed.


  1. Hello Linda, I love your new quilt--just the spot of brightness I needed! Your designs are so harmonious that you could be a fabric designer--have you ever tried or considered that?

  2. Thank you Jim. Yes, I am a quilt and purse designer for 10 years. My quilts and purses are sold all over the United States. Soon, I will be launching my new e-commerce website for handcrafted queen size quilts, purses, and bracelets. I'll let you know when Linda Lu launches. Thank you for being my friend. I appreciate you.