Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Color Inspiration

May 2009 - Upstairs Bathroom Finished

I'm inspired by the color of found objects . . .

The color of the bead board was inspired by the vintage bubble gum machine.

Ok, it is a bit kooky having a bubble gum machine in the bathroom.  But it isn't about chewing gum.  Its about color inspiration. 

I painted the bead board the same vintage lake blue-green color as the bubble gum machine.  The color is called Bewitch (Valspar).  Nice contrast for white woodwork including shelf rail around the perimeter of the room we implemented and vintage white lace curtains from Reflections Antiques in Nelsonville, WI.

I bought the bird topped curtain rod holders 20 years ago.  I just liked them, but never found a place for them until after we bought The Wrolstad-Quien 1893 Victorian in April 2007. 

In May 2009 we converted the smallest bedroom upstairs to a much needed second bathroom.   It has  only one double window facing south; some privacy with the lace curtains.  You can see the barn from the tub, nice view. 

On dark winter mornings before the sun rises, I bathe in the tub using only a faint backdrop of light from the hallway.  What's that old saying, "the night was blind, but the neighbors weren't." 

Kohler claw foot tub, born May 12, 1903.
Plant Line #2, about 11:30a, Kohler, WI
according to the serial number on the bottom of the tub and great records kept by Kohler.

I'm still ga-ga over the grayed-blue-green color and use it in other projects

I found same fabric color to use in a quilt.  Yesterday I used the grayed blue green fabric to build a padded purse, with quilted front pocket. 

This purse and others will be for sale Sunday Sep 3, 2017 at Bear Lake Campground and Resort Annual Corn Roast and Craft Show near Manawa, WI.  The craft show runs 10:00a until 4:00p.  See you there!

11 inches wide by 12 inches deep

I make my purses padded, to protect and carry your cell phone.  Not just the exterior shell is padded, but the interior pockets are padded too. 

Let me show you a few more I made for this show . . .

Brown wool tweed, with quilted flying geese blocks.  Padded exterior, padded pockets inside including a hidden pocket.

11 inches wide, by 12" deep.  Colorful cross body straps

Featuring a handmade polymer clay beaded zipper pull.

Navy Blue with more Beads

A combination of polymer clay beads I make and bake, and--the tiny ones are glass.  
Beaded purses--this is the type of work I love to do. 

Experiment with glass beads, wool applique, and handmade beaded zipper pull.

Well, that's all the news today.  Talk to you again soon.

Mrs. D


  1. Hello Linda, I looked around my apartment for that grayed blue-green color, and was able to spot some ceramic dishes, several older book covers, and also some jade pieces that match that hue.

  2. What a lovely Victorian bathroom! Love those brackets!

  3. Every post of yours that I read......I find myself repeating one word .......WOW!
    That colour is one of my favourites! I am drawn to a "greyed" down pallet....I am just not in bright clear or pastels. Those purses....oh my each one is fabulous. How does one choose? Do fights break out in your booth?