Saturday, April 29, 2017

Next Window Quilt

Next Window Quilt

One Yard Wonders:
I pulled all the one yard neutral fabrics I had on hand (audition process), and paired them hunks of random darker drab fabric. 

This block is Hampton Roads 1860-1870 Civil War inspired reproduction fabric by Barbara Brachman, and the modern gray frame is Quilt Wisconsin 2015 by Jeanne Horton for Moda.

Gathering fabrics didn't make any new space in the CAVE (a double door cabinet) where I store stacks of folded leftover cotton fabric.  At one time, I had all the stacks sorted by color, but over time--I've made them messy again.  Ha!

Note to myself about the stacks of folded leftover cotton fabric: 

1) measure hunks of leftover fabrics in the cabinet
2) tag with yardage info, and price to sell ($2.00 a yard)
3) put into shallow plastic tub(s)
4) sell at summer craft shows
5) one day, your son will be very glad you had the good sense to do this. 

I know you are expecting to see a photo of the CAVE where I store hunks of fabric.   Those photos are in the same folder where I put scary Halloween stuff. 


Ok, ok.  Back to the Next Window Quilt

Olive with Rosebuds Sashing:
That bolt of fabric has been lost in plain sight for a long time.  Lost, but not unloved.  

So why have I waited such a long time to use up these fabrics?  BECAUSE, they are muted . . . and I've become a very loud SCRAPPY QUILTER for several years.      

Muted Colors for Next Window Quilt

Oh shoot me . . . look at all those "L"s

My given name is Linda.  And Oh L . . .  I didn't do this on purpose. 

I was just playing around with a Lincoln Log block by Carol Hopkins from her Civil War Legacies I Quilt Book.  Every single quilt in her book is fabulous. 

Uft-dah . . . making a queen size quilt of 4" blocks would take me a very long time. 

Nonetheless I was inspired and made the block bigger (unfortunately not prettier).  

It's a "L-of a big block" for sure. 

Backing Fabric:
Above:  you can see a sample of the backing fabric (olive floral), and a leftover block sitting on top the backing sample.  The first item of business is checking the quilt frame for square and level, then load the backing.

The 3 leg Grace Company Quilt Frame has seen a lot of improvements since I bought mine in 2013.  I check and tweak my frame every new quilt start. 

Did you know there is a little elf who comes in, and nudges it out of square when I'm not looking?  Yep--that's true.

Thanks you for stopping by and looking at my things  Next Window for me is working on beaded wool purses next month.  Hope you visit me again.  Here's a preview of some woolies I'm working on.


  1. FANTASTIC! Love the muted tones in that quilt.....and the wool work in progress.....oh my gosh....I adore the look of those hand stitches....these are especially wonderful!!!

  2. If I tried to combine all those fabrics, the result would be a mess. I like to possess interesting things, but I rarely go so far as arranging them. No one in my family quilts, but I can see just how much effort and hard work must go into making them.

  3. Hello Jill, Yesterday I watched several of your videos. One was painting fabric hexagons and then seeing the finished piece in your gallery section on Quilt Rat blog. Beautiful work. The other video was how to use Amaziograph software on an ipad to create mandalas--you explained everything so well. Your two new books are on my wish list. Congratulations on your continued success. Wish you were my neighbor. I'd bring over morning coffee and watch you work.

  4. Lovely photos and posting of Next Window, what a beautiful quilt! The woolies are so creative and will be so eye catching on your hand made purses. I could also see them as they are made into a lapel pin!

    Thanks for sharing your quilt and beautiful projects!


  5. Jim, I received your emails, thank you so much for your interest in my work. I still have more guesses about your Chinese Lion mystery. Is it a platform for launching fireworks/rockets, and the cord is a fuse? I will go to your blog. . . to add my next two guesses.

    Making a selection of fabrics would be easy for you if you jumped in. You will make a great quilter. I know this because I see the graceful pieces you select for your collections. It is easy to see they are more than color, contrast, design, and texture--they have function, and are mysterious. There are stories to be told. The collections tell me YOU are talented and generous teacher.

  6. I very much like your L quilt, and I'm glad to know your name is Linda. It's good to change fabric pace once in a while. Even I get tired of brights sometimes!

  7. You make the prettiest quilts and things ! Always very inspirational. :-)

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  9. Hello Wonky Girl. Thank you for your kind words. I will go visit your blog; I haven't been there for a while. Always great things to see on your website.

  10. Hi Donna. Thank you for comments about the Next Window Quilt. This quilt was inspired by you . . . did you know that? I love the confident color combinations you select for your quilts. It easier to try things when one has a friend like you to show the way. You make it look easy.

    I started making wool purses this week, about 6 so far. Most feature wool medallions, beaded, and hand embroidery. I've been taking some photos during construction. It will make a good post I think.