Monday, August 29, 2016

Little Black Purse

100% Black Wool Purse with Embellishments

Quickly--I want to show you a black wool purse I finished last night.  This year I purchased several long wool coats from thrift stores in my favorite colors: gray, red, teal, olive, cobalt blue, black, and mustard.  The black with tiny gray flecks coat was shorter but once deconstructed there was enough to make 2 lined purses and a number of cell phone totes.  

The assorted buttons are gifts from friend Jerry who recycles clothing to make his beautiful loomed rag rugs, and some recycled buttons I bought from thrift shops.  The zipper pull is made from Hemptique cord and polymer clay beads I form by hand and bake in the oven.

Before joining side seams, I decorated the wool with No. 8 Perle Cotton thread in several colors.  I especially like echoing the running stitch.  My favorite colors against a black background are the same as the wool coats I purchased plus turquoise, cinnamon, and purple.

I took an online Craftsy class from Carol Ann Waugh called Stupendous Stitching and learned several simple French Knot, Running Stitch, etc.  Her class is fabulous and so is she!

Taking Carol Ann Waugh's class was a turning point for me.  I used to sew everything in ivory, beige, and blah.  After taking Waugh's class I'm creating in LIVING COLOR.  It is so exciting.  I highly recommend signing up for her class on


  1. So cute, I like idea of repurposing wool, and the buttons. Such a cute purse!

  2. What a beautiful house!
    Your little black purse is fabulous. I enjoy everything embroidery, hand stitching, sewing etc.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Come on over and visit!