Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely Scraps

Stars 'n Stripes 'n Scraps Quilt (queen size--just finished Sun 3/13/16)

Answering the question--what to do with all those lovely fabric scraps?

I'm still pecking away at my fabric scrap piles, building as many scrappy queen size quilts as I can by May, then I'll switch to building purses, baby quilts, table runners, and pot holders.

I am full speed in my commitment to reduce 3 big bins of scraps, mostly 2.5" strips.  

I have a fourth bin full of 1.5" strips - and here's what those 1.5" strips made in the past:

a decorative pocket for a soft luggage, this travel bag is 22 x 22.
I make other soft luggage out of upholstery material--oh yeah, got a big bin full of upholstery material scraps.  Here are a couple pics of the soft luggage

the small cotton fabric scraps I build these . . .
little padded pouches with metal swivel clasp to carry cell phone or eye glasses.

and rope baskets that are cool 
seriously, it takes a full day to make one of these.

I wrap fabric strips around 1/4" cotton clothesline rope to create a disc (bottom of the basket), then I start nudging the disc upwards with my left hand to build the wall while I stitch.  A zig zag stitch holds firmly.

Ok, ok
back to photos of current quilt  Stars 'n Stripes 'n Scraps . . . 

my signature free hand edge to edge quilting "Feather Bouquet"

I confess, even after doing the last three quilts--I made only a dent in the scrap piles.
Ah, oh well.  I'll keep sewing 'n sewing.  

I'm sure I mentioned one more scrap pile of 1" wide or less strips and short lengths??
I give them to my friend Jerry who uses all the colorful bits in beautiful rag rugs he looms.  They are gorgeous!

Here's the half way point of long arm quilting process. 

Lots of color

loading quilt (floating quilt)

After removing the quilt from the frame, I cut away excess batting and backing, square the quilt, sew 400+ inches of fabric binding, install the binding, then sit for 5-6 hours turning the binding and hand stitch.  It's not complicated work.  Its time consuming, but relaxing.

I'll drop in more photos later.  Right now, I'm going to take a nap.  

Talk to you later.


  1. What a perfect quilt! I like every part of it, especially the variety of fabric.
    the more the merrier! All of your creations are so impressive. Really nice work!

  2. LOVE this pattern & your use of your scrap collection! Is this your own pattern or one you found? Would love to make this quilt using my scrap collection.

  3. Where are basket directions? Thanks.

  4. You are my soul sister. I have a c.1875 farmhouse I have been renovating; built by a Civil War veteran for his family and home based business, a carriage manufactory. I love to craft and have been in love with quilts forever! I am making my first one.

  5. Baskets look cool. Would love to try that. Looks tedious!

  6. Would love a pattern for the basket.

  7. Love the baskets and would love to learn how to make.

  8. Just found your blog. Enjoyed reading about your home restoration along with your sewing projects. So want to try the basket, have all supplies, but not yet the nerve to start.