Friday, January 29, 2016

Folk Art Quilt

Here's the Folk Art queen size quilt I just finished.  I had a great time experimenting.

Simple 4 patch Kaleidoscope blocks,
Hand applied button yo-yos,
Lined prairie points (border decoration),

Kaleidoscope Simplified

I began by stacking 4 identical layers of fabric and cutting 6 inch squares.

Once the cutting is complete, it was fun spinning the 4 identical images
to make simple 4 patch kaleidoscope blocks.

My client Sue loved the finished quilt when she picked it up last weekend.  She had given me her sofa pillow for color inspiration to begin the quilt project.  A well known acrylic artist and wood carver, Sue is a beautiful friend inside and out.  

I added gold fabric frame, and cornered the growing block with rust, teal, olive, and espresso.
Added green sashing strips, and hand sewn button yo-yos.

I took an online Craftsy Class called "Quilted Kaleidoscope" with Marilyn Foreman--fabulous instructor.  Great class with lots of information for people like me who haven't tried Kaleidscope blocks.  Wonderful results.

Spent many evenings hand sewing 5 inch fabric circled into yo-yos while listening to TV in the background.

Added buttons for extra stability to make sure the yo-yos will stay put for years to come.

Then sewed button yo-yos to sashing.

Cool Technique Alert:  I learned how to make lined prairie points for border decoration
in Susan Cleveland's Craftsy Class, "How to Bind a Quilt".  She has some great techniques for adding piping to borders, that I will sure try out on my next project.

I chose a running stitch of No. 8 perle cotton to tack down the prairie points.

There was still a little flap at the tip of the prairie point, so I hand stitched a decorative bead.

Here's the quilt coming off the frame (finished long arm quilting).  It's a great size 92 x 102.

Next I squared the quilt . . . and prepared 440 ft. of binding.

Sewing the binding on the perimeter.

I moved my sewing machine to the corner of the big extended dining room table in my studio. 

 Yes, I have a dining room table in my studio I use for measuring, cutting, squaring, and in this case I am sewing on the binding.  Perfect table for building bed size quilts.

Then I turn the binding strip to the back, and begin a day's work on hand stitching to finish the quilt.

Today, I'm working on a new quilt.  Will be done soon.  More photos to follow.

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  1. Great quilts lately, Mrs. D! This one reminds me a little bit of one of the small family quilts I have. They have the same sort of layout with square blocks with a border, only the centres have hand sewn circular pieces (sewn over a plain white square).