Friday, June 26, 2015

Midsummer Night's Dream

I can rest on this one . . . a great summer quilt
I was inspired by Jenny Doan's YouTube tutorial on her Irish Chain Quilt.

Simple Irish Chain
getting the layers loaded on the quilt frame

Lots of 2.5" scrappy strips (leftovers) to build this queen size quilt 90 x 102

One great thing about loading a quilt is--it forces me to stop and super-clean the studio floor so I don't draw up crazy lint and threads.

My Feather Bouquet edge to edge free style is relaxing to stitch

I used up the last bits of some of these scrap fabrics.  

Some of those fabrics I'll really miss--like the Robert Kaufman "hidden cove", a watery blue with fish swimming 'round.  Sliced up into little sections, only parts of fish show up here and there.

The nine patch finishes 6".   On a field of crisp white, I'm happy having so much negative space to quilt to show off the feathers, interrupted by 2" chips of color.

A full day's work to long arm quilt, and less than a week to piece. 

When presenting a variety of color, I sure rely on basic color wheel to make quick decisions, but not too obvious, and expectations of a random look.

 No problems quilting this one--I used Glide thread, and 100% cotton batting.

Rolling it off the frame

Swirl sequence of the Feather Bouquet design

Light streaming from the south full glass doors.
Quilt looks great.

I took lots of pictures of the free style quilting.  It is fun.

I flipped up the bottom, so you can see the backing with panel insert.

View of the backing

I finished the quilt just as we lost our precious little dog Rainie.  
I wish it were all a dream.  Jon and I miss her so much.


  1. Well, I wondered what you were up to lately. Now we know, another beautiful quilt. You have a good eye for color and the quilting certainly does show off the simple blocks.
    So so sorry about the loss of your special friend.

  2. Thank you Wonky Girl for your kinds words. Love your name. I appreciate you stopping by my website to say hello.

    I'm working on some new projects in the studio and also having fun with our new sewing machine restoration group, "Kranky People". We get together twice a month and sit around the dining room table and dismantle old sewing machines and deep clean them. Some of the machines are frozen when we get them and present different repair challenges. Last week we went on a road trip hunting for old machines. Made some great finds.

    I'll make a post soon, to introduce you to our group.

  3. Your Midsummer Night's Dream quilt is just gorgeous. You have done a masterful job on all aspects of this one. As usual. ;)

    I am so sorry about your dog. They aren't just pets to us, they are part of our family.

  4. The quilt looks beautiful, and I love that scrolly leaf top stitching pattern you use.

    Very sorry to hear about your dog. My sympathies.

  5. Thank you for your kind words Elaine. I am working in the studio making baby quilts, testing new stitch sequences, and quilting fabric for summer zippered purses, and fancy eye glass cases. I'll post some photos of those projects soon.

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  7. Your quilt and quilting are wonderful! and love what your doing with the beads! thanks for sharing. And I am so sorry to hear the loss of your doggie.