Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jon Built New Screen Door for Front Porch Door

Here's Jon and the new screen door for the front porch door he built this month

Jon finished painting it today, and was lucky to find
a matching porcelain knob in the barn.

Below is the surviving antique screen door for the west side of porch
Jon did a fabulous job building a new screen door to match the antique one
Matching antique screen door west side of the front porch.

Through the door you can see the glow of the 
big chandelier and tomato soup red walls of the dining room.

The foyer will be done soon, and will be painted the same tomato soup red walls.
The color is called Flaming Sunset.

I'll post photos when the foyer is done.  
I'm looking forward to re-photographing the old and new matching screen doors in the evening.

 and to re-create the warm glow featuring the blue heron images on the etched glass.


  1. I love screen doors and yours in beautiful, so talented to reproduce the old one!
    I knew when I bought my Victorian and there was not screen door we would put one the sound of it shutting.

  2. Dear Mrs. D.,

    Jon's new screen door is superb, and I'm guessing that some day, with a little age, people will never know that they are not both antiques! Incidentally, I have a couple of Victorian trade cards with borders that look very much like the screen door design . . .

  3. Hello Mark,

    Oh, you've sparked my interest . . . I'd like to see images of your Victorian trade cards with borders that look like our screen door design.

    By the way, I had to re-read your first sentence. Somehow my brain was reading your comparison of the new old antique screen door to Jon . . . ah--guessing that someday no one will ever know that they are both antiques! Ha Ha. Either way, your statement is true.

    By the way Mark, I haven't been well. It's a battle with sinuses and trouble with my equilibrium--all the while my soft luggage, totes, quilting business has taken off. I hope to get things in balance again real soon.

  4. Hello there Ann,

    Thanks for your kind words about the old screen doors. The best part of screen doors is letting in the summer breezes flow through the house. And, being able to smell the warm apple pie cooling in the kitchen while sitting in the rocking chair on the porch. That's my favorite spot to eat apple pie!

  5. Dear Mrs. D.,

    I reread my first line, and got a good laugh, too. It reminded me of a letter my brother sent me, describing how his children enjoyed a day of fishing. He said, "Eva and André caught two fish, and they were delighted (Eva and André, not the fish!).

    I hope you get over the bad spell quickly, and that life soon runs smoothly again for you!

  6. What a great job on reproducing the screen door. Looks like there is nothing Jon can't do. I admire those guys...I'm practically helpless at those things. Looking forward to more pictures.