Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to 1951


In the photo below, left hand side, you can see Jumping Jack Flash up against the back wall (figure with orange shirt and black bib overhauls--a yard sculpture Jon and I made.  

Below is how Jack Flash looked when I had him on display at our former property years ago.
After the welding was done I couldn't figure out how to get his trousers on him because of the shaping of his legs.  I had to cut open the inseams, install the overhauls, and sit under him with a needle and thread and sew his pants! 

Getting back to the photos of the 1951 Chevy . . .

The running boards, fenders, etc. all there.  But, a lot of work . . .

Love that V shaped window.  Got a squeegee?


  1. They don't make trucks to last like that any longer. Or with the great style.
    dare I say the same thing about Jack Flash?

  2. I enjoyed your digression about Jumping Jack Flash. I'm guessing that after the studio is finished, the truck is next on the list of projects.

  3. Hello Linda,
    I don't know what your plans are for this (wonderful) old truck, but if you tackle it, I'm sure the end result will be fantastic, I can imagine JJF, jumping in or out of the back.

  4. Hi DogsMom,

    I remember the day Jon bought this truck. He said he bought it for my birthday . . .just like the brad nailer he bought me for Valentine's day!

    The 1951 had been in storage in a garage for a couple decades when Jon bought it, and now it is with us, sheltered for another 10 years waiting for its coming out party!

    What color do you think we should paint it? And the interior color?

    Regarding Jack Flash, I've got to find him some old Oshkosh By Gosh bib Overhauls to dress him up for the yard this spring.

  5. Hi Mark,

    Yes, the truck is on the projects list--but low enough on the list to see a new downstairs bathroom first. It comes down to driving around town looking snappy, or sitting on a new throne!

    The bathroom was added to our old house in 1945 (converted pantry). I'll do a blog--because there is a great story written by the previous owner Donna about the summer they got their first bathroom. You'll be as shocked as I was!

    Getting Back to the Old Truck:
    Mark, my friend, king of comedy and wisdom . . . will you give me an impressive name for the 1951 Chevy truck? I fell off my chair reading the name you picked out for your composite presidential candidate. It brought tears to my eyes and laughing that made my belly hurt. You are one funny dude!

  6. Yes Anyes,I can see it too! Great idea of yours to have Jumping Jack Flash with some hay bales in the back of the old truck! I'll do it!

  7. Hi again, Linda. Far too few people call me dude, but I'll happily answer to that moniker. I'll work on some names for the truck, but I'm going to give it a lot of thought first. Something so fine as that truck (and I know it will be finer yet) deserves a lot of consideration.