Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Love Making Purses

During the remaining cold Wisconsin months (March, April, May), I've been sewing like a mad woman. 

Here are purses I sewed last weekend.  Nothing like a great fall/winter purse like these.

This so-soft fabric made three great purses.  I added button closures

and added two permanent pockets to the lining, just big enough to hold a kindle, wallet, and checkbook.

I made portable pockets to slip in and out of the purses. 

Above, the portable pocket holds a kindle and earphones--ready to slip in and out of the bag. 

But here's a trick.  My invention--I call the portable pockets "Halfsies" because . . .

Take the Halfsie in your hand, and stuff the bottom upward . . .

Use your finger tips to slid the bottom of the halfsie upward to form a double lined-double pocket to store smaller objects inside the bag.  It's a great purse organizer.

The halfsie is a perfect spot to tuck away important receipts rather than having them swim around in your purse.

Or to hold reading glasses.

One of side of the halfsie holds my little camera, and the other side holds my cell phone.  I stuffed my tube of lipstick in the corner. They tuck down nicely into the folds. 

Here's the purse loaded and ready to go.  Water, coin purse, kindle w/ear phones, and halfsie containing a cell phone, camera and lipstick.  It is so convenient to reach inside to grab your phone, or camera, or glasses.  You can find what you need just by "feel"--and you don't have to fish around for it.   

Here are a couple fun purses . . .

The silky fabric purse on the left is double lined to keep it crisp looking and sturdy.  On the right is a canvas purse, personalized inside and out.

The fun ruffle is so silky to the touch.  The same satin fabric lines the purse interior and two permanent pockets.

Above is an example of a personalized purse.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to see a photo tutorial "how to make these great purses".

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  1. I love your bags! They are exactly what I need to use everyday and they can be dressed up too!! Please make a tutorial for them. By the way you have just joined gifts on time on yahoo and this is how I came across your blog. Your house is beautiful and I can't wait to see it finished.