Friday, March 18, 2011

Edna's Diaries 1902-1959

Edna Irene Snow was my great grandmother. She was born April 6, 1878 in Rio, Illinois.

I've created a website to post Edna diaries, to share with you wonderful photographs, history of Sperry, Snow, Harriman, and Mead families, as well as world and local events during those years.

Her diaries begin in 1902, just 4 years after her marriage to James Howard Harriman. Please be patient with her brief entries duing those first years of her diaries. Her diaries start out rather routine, but over 50 years years her daily posts become longer, complex, and reveal the life of a determined woman.

My goal each month is to publish 2 or 3 years of her diaries.

I was eight years old when grandma Edna passed away in October 1959. I remember visiting her for the last time in the nursing home. I reached up to touch her hand, and looked at her face and she smiled back at me. I remember bits and pieces of her voice, but I do not remember her speaking to me that day.

How wonderful to get to know Edna through her diaries and photos. I invited two more people who knew her well--her grandchildren Mary Jane and Gale (my father and his sister) to write about grandma Edna. While areas of the diaries are confusing to me, Mary Jane and Gale will have explainations and details.


  1. What a nice thing to have. I love everyday history of ordinary people. She looks so beautiful and young! I've already begun reading. You've really done a lot of family research!


  2. What a wonderful HISTORY this house fortunate you are now the owner. It's simply LOVELY beyond words.
    You have inspired me to post the picture of my family home..that my great grandparents built in Chicago...and my family owned for over 65 years..after that.
    Please drop by when you have a few minutes.


  3. Hi Pam:
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    Can you show me how?
    Mrs. D

  4. Great post, always good to stay attached to the past. I just became your newest follower, please drop by some time soon. Richard at My Old Historic House

  5. How wonderful! We have my great aunts diaries (see my post from Wed). They go from 1897-1965, she tells all the important details. I love reading about my great grandparents..I feel so close to them now my cousins and I call them Mama and Papa when we talk about them! I look forward to reading yours and finding out how u scanned them etc.

  6. Mrs. D. I am so looking forward to reading all about Edna - I just love diaries and the events they recorded.


    Not Pam, but you use the little paper clip symbol on your posting page to create a link..hope that helps.