Saturday, March 27, 2010

East Bedroom Project Continues . . .

This afternoon Jon finished sanding the second skim coat on the walls of the upstairs East Bedroom.  Through the dirty double windows I photographed the old barn sitting on our 6 acre property. 

I'm just not ready to wash those windows yet.  I'll focus next week Wed. Thur. Fri. cleaning the floor, woodwork, and lightly sand the woodwork getting ready to paint.  The ceiling and walls require a coat of Zinzer primer.  I'll paint the ceiling two coats "off white" and same color in a semi-gloss for the woodwork. 

Haven't found "thee one" light fixture for the room.  Still looking.  

I ordered a queen size (dark stained) sleigh bed and new mattress for this room.   I have a c.1930 walnut dresser w/ mirror, and a large print, called "The Waldorf Astoria 1930" for the wall.  Black and creme toile drapes are finished. 

I saw a fabulous wool carpet just the right size for this room.  Ah, it is so gorgeous and so out of my budget.  Should I bite the bullet?  I mean, I think about it way too often.  It's driving me crazy.  Please leave me a note, and tell me to follow my heart and buy the dang rug.

The north wall is the long wall, and that's where I'll put the bed.  I found a lovely solid walnut Eastlake lamp table last weekend for $50 on Craigs list.  We made a Sunday drive (300 miles) to pick it up.  We're crazy dudes, eh?


  1. LOL! Follow your heart. Buy the dang rug! Ya only live once. :)

  2. Good Morning Linda,

    Well, if you will drive 300 miles to buy a $ 50 lamp, then you should get the rug!! You won't ever forgive yourself it you don't.

    The room is looking great! Can't wait to see it finished.

    Have a great productive week!

  3. It's never crazy to grab anything Eastlake for such a great price? But are you crazy enough to buy that rug... I say go for it!! :-)