Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shimmering Olive Green Tablescape in My Red Dining Room

It's Christmas. I'm decorating a bit here and there. The historical society is coming over Sunday for a party.
A couple of years ago I found this beautiful shimmering olive fabric. Last weekend I decided to make a table cloth out of it. I put the cloth on the table, making adjustments side to side, length to length, placed a few pins. Then I folded up the fabric and cut it with the cutting wheel and self healing board.

Next I grabbed the serger and serged the edges of the fabric. I flipped the serged edges and
sewed a simple stitch to finish the hem.
The leftover fabric I serged and hemmed also, and used it in the center of the table. The fabric front & back makes a nice two-toned effect.
I took down the autumn wreaths I was decorating with this fall, and re-used them in this tablescape. I placed my favorite four birdies on the table, and sprinkle the perimeter with jingle bells.
By the way, the only reason I remembered I had this shimmering olive fabric was---I ran across olive colored tapered candles in Kmart, and immediately thought of the fabric I had stashed. Ain't life fun?

The candelabra was a great find at Beth's--my favorite vintage shop in Auroraville, WI. It's a bit of a ways to drive--by my goodness--she's got neat stuff there. I'm going to get her to come over sometime and lay some of her decorating talent on my house--cause she's da bomb!


  1. Ohhh..absolutely lovely. The perfect look for a Victorian table. You have a beautiful home.

  2. Good Morning Linda...I love your tablescape. That olive material is very nice! I know you are excited about the Historical Society's visit. One day, I hope to have the history of this farmhouse complete. Right now, most of the changes around here are slow going. We are not doing a historical restoration as you are doing but just making the farmhouse liveable to our standards. The house was liveable before we moved in, just needed alot of MUCH needed repairs.

    I hope you have a great day and a wonderful time at your party!

  3. Lovely, absolutely lovely. Olive green is such a marvelous color, gives off a lovely golden glow at night You had me at Historical Society. I was very active with the Little Britian Historical Society in Pennsylvania. Loved the historical homes and communities and live for the historical Christmas walks. Such Fun. Sea Witch

  4. Linda-

    What a beautiful tablescape! I love how the room comes together in a gorgeous Victorian Christmas palette. You must not have cats, because at our house, those jingle bells would be all over the house!

    Have a great time at your party!