Sunday, November 2, 2008

  • In August 2008 I looked in the telephone book and found Oliver Wrolstad and phoned him. Oliver lives about 6 miles from us. I introduced myself and told him I am interested in the history of the Wrolstad family, in particular John Olson Wrolstad who built my house. Oliver said he could help me.
  • A couple weeks later my parents, husband, and I met Oliver for dinner and talked about his grandfather Halvor Wrolstad and his great uncle John Olson Wrolstad who built our house. Halvor and John Olson Wrolstad were brothers.
  • Oliver graciously loaned me his family photos and documents to scan. Here is one of the photos I scanned from Oliver Wrolstad's collection. It is John Olson Wrolstad in his civil war uniform. I told Oliver I've seen this photo before in a book and again on the Wrolstad his family website, but I only saw the photo. I've never seen this page written in Norwegian. There are four more pages following this one, each written in Norwegian. I don't know the book but have written to Vesterheim Norwegian Museum in Decorah IA. I'm looking forward to finding out what it says.

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  1. Linda and John,
    What a beautiful home. I knew we had alot in common when we discussed each having a Victorian home we loved.
    We will enjoy coming to see your home--and having you see ours.
    And having many more conversations.
    We are now in Iowa--returning to WI the end of the month.
    Note the unusual spelling of my name when you receive this comment.