Friday, October 12, 2018

Come in for a Spell - Halloween Weekend House Tour and Craft Show

Halloween Weekend House Tour and Craft Show
255 Mill St. - Scandinavia, WI
Sat/Sun October 27 and 28, 10a until 5p
Benefits The Humane Society of Waupaca County

Plenty of Parking - Back of the Red Garage

Homeowners Linda and Jon Durrant welcome you to their home for a special Halloween Victorian House Tour and Craft Show benefitting the Humane Society of Waupaca County.  A modest donation of $2 per person will be accepted by our kitchen manager Sandy, and representatives Faye and Monica of the Humane Society.  Enjoy a treat served by our favorite Miss Sandy.

LUNCH - In the red garage, the Scandinavia Library will offer a variety of chili soup and dessert.  Rest your bones and enjoy lunch and visit with friends with picnic style dining in the heated garage.

CRAFT SHOW - Everything handcrafted and home-grown.

Quilts, Purses, Fresh Bakery, Loomed Rugs, Chocolate Candies, Vintage and Antique Sewing Machines, Sterling Silver nd Gem Stone Jewelry, Handcrafted Goat Milk Based products: soaps, lotions, salves, and lip balms, Home Grown Canned Goodies: jams, jellies, pickles, etc.  Vintage Pattern Aprons, and Wool Items 

The Summer Kitchen
at Main East Entrance 

Jerry Johnson - will demonstrate sewing on a treadle sewing machine and answer questions about his beautiful woven rugs, handmade chocolates, as well as vintage and antiques sewing machines.

Patti Kirchner - designer of fine sterling silver and gem stone jewelry will have her display in the red dining room.

Lorene Yoder -  Sunrise Bakery will offer an array of fresh baked goodies in the living room.   She has been doing Farmers Markets and Holiday Craft evens for the past 7 years.  She makes a variety of yeast breads, party breads, sweet breads, and cakes.  Imagine the aroma of her fresh baked and fried pies!

A dream team of 3: Lorene's daughters are LouAnn who makes jams and jellies, and daughter Lisa's specialty is cookies.  A smile of respect comes over me, as Lorene speaks of these arts handed down by her mother.  She says, "it is a joy to pass it on to my daughters."

Diane Civik - will display and sell her jams, jellies, pickles, etc. in the north bedroom downstairs, (formerly the parlor).

The office in 2007 during the Victorian whole house restoration 

Selene and Fatima Saeed - has a nice booth set up in our office space. Check out her soothing goat milk based soaps, lotions, and balms.  Their farm Glacial Acres is located in the northwest corner of Waupaca surrounded by ancient glacial formations.  They raise a small herd of goats, a small flock of sheep, along with chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guineas. 

Selene hand spins locally grown wool, and enjoys weaving, knitting, and crocheting.  She delights in  making colorful vintage-inspired embroidery on kitchen towels.  Never a dull moment on their little homestead!

 East Bedroom Upstairs 

Karen Hannon - you can find the apron lady in the east bedroom upstairs.  Karen started sewing aprons 10 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  She says sewing became a stress reliever and provided her mother and other residents with some very attractive "clothing protectors."

She expanded her options over the years and now offers several different style of aprons for men, women and children.  All the aprons are 100% cotton, reversible and machine washable.  Karen says she enjoys shopping for unusual fabrics when she and her husband travel around the country in their airstream trailer.

North Bedroom Upstairs

Linda Durrant's quilts and fancy purses are located in the north bedroom upstairs.  Host Jan will answer any questions you might have.

Linda's Sewing Studio 
Located over the red garage, take spiral staircase in back of the garage.

Friend Ellen will host the sewing studio where you can see where homeowner Linda Durrant sews, and see many restored vintage and antiques sewing machines.  Some of them will be for sale!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Singer Model 12 Hand Crank Sewing Machine - c1886

The Singer New Family Model 12 hand crank sewing machine, c1886
serial number 7,132,396

I acquired from Hexham, Northumberland, UK
photographs by Paul

The very popular Singer New Family Model 12 sewing machines were produced for 40 years from 1865 at the close of the American Civil War, until one last batch of 100 machines were manufactured in 1902.  

Isaac Merrit Singer 1811-1875
painted by Edward Harrison May 1869


We are celebrating Isaac Singer's 207th birthday at our Halloween Weekend Victorian House Tour and Craft Show October Sat/Sun 27-28, 2018 (10a-5p).  We'll have all the old sewing machines on display--some of them for sale.  

You will enjoy the beautiful homegrown pickles and jellies, homemade bakery and treats, goat milk based lotions, soaps, balms, silver and gemstone handcrafted jewelry, loomed rugs, handmade chocolates--as in yummy chocolate turtles anyone?  Also, vintage patterned aprons, as well as queen size quilts and beaded purses, and much more--all available at our craft show. 

Great food by the Scandinavia Library Group, and tour of my 1893 Queen Anne Victorian home, and sewing studio.  Your $2 pp admission fee at the door goes directly to The Humane Society of Waupaca County.    Come in for a spell!  Plenty of Parking.

Here's a good read about the history of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, 

Truth or Myth?  The Singer New Family Model 12 had black hand wheels to resist a metal luxury tax?  

At the top: Three Pillars--back to front:
1) presser bar tension,  2) needle bar, 3) upper thread tension

The Singer Model 12 is a Transverse Shuttle; its shuttle moves left to right.  Open left throat plate slide to access the boat shuttle.

Condition of the machine is excellent.  You don't see them often.  Very collectible.

Back side of the machine.  More details photos to show you later.

The gold acanthus leaf decals.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Defiance Hand Crank Sewing Machine - year 1906

Defiance Hand Crank Sewing Machine, manufactured by New Home in Orange, Mass. USA

I purchased it on and received it September 2018, in time to celebrate National Sewing Machine month.  This machine came from Leicester, England.

distributed by W.J. Harris, London.  Defiance Serial Number 2621960, Style A made in 1906

On top--is the leaf tension spring (regulates upper thread tension).  The thread travels from the spool through the groove in the leaf tension spring.  Tightening the thumb screw puts pressure on the thread restricting or loosening the upper thread tension.

3/4 Size Machine - bed is 6.75" by 11.5"

When I buy a sewing machine from England through, directly after winning the bid I send message to the seller how I want to have it packaged to ensure it ships without damage.

Most sellers appreciate having the packaging protocol information.  I try, try, try, to put forth this information without hurting the feelings of the seller.  In the end I promise to submit a very nice written review, noting how well they packaged the machine to its safe voyage.
  • Put machine and its wood base inside a large plastic bag and securely wrap with packing tape.
  • Install hood onto the machine, then wrap the entire unit in bubble wrap and secure with tape.
  • Place machine into a sturdy box lined with Styrofoam peanuts or panels (bottom, sides, top of the box), restricting movement of the machine entirely.
  • Place first box into a second box and snug with twisted newspaper packing.  Secure box with packing tape.
As you can see--my Defiance machine was packed extremely well by the seller.  Bravo.  I submitted a quality plus review of this seller.  

During the auction bidding process on Ebay, I contact the seller with questions about dimensions, especially about the harp space and I am learning lots of new things about these old hand crank machines.  Definitely I want to know if the machine has its bobbin case or shuttle inside the machine if it is not shown in the seller's auction photos.  

There will always be sellers who don't have a clue regarding my questions, or where to look for dimensions, parts, or bits I want to know more about.   Each time I message back and forth with the seller, I thank them for their patience answering my questions.

Cleaning and oiling takes me several days to complete.

Removing the front end plate is one of the first places I look to clean and oil moving parts.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Frister Rossmann Bronze Lilies Hand Crank Sewing Machine

Mid September 2018, a beautiful hand crank sewing machine arrived from Milton Kenyes Buckinghamshire England.  All the metal bits were quite dirty, and the mechanics dry.

Cleaned, oiled and gleaming . . .

You can't miss the proud and popular brand name Frister and Rossmann with Bronze Lilies decals.  It is a Transverse Shuttle.  The boat shuttle and inserted bobbin removed from the machine during cleaning and oiling. 

There was a rust line centered around the dirty hand wheel.  Using 0000 steel wool and Blue Diamond polish the rust line dissolved along with the dirt.  Fun to see the shine come through-- buffing it with small strips of soft microfiber cloth.  

Before cleaning and oiling

After cleaning and oiling

There is a nickel plated thumb screw located on the bed, in front of the stitch length slide adjuster and serial number.   Removing that thumb screw allowed me to lift the front of the machine upwards and backwards to clean the mechanics underneath.

You can see how very dirty the machine arrived.  The sticky film of dirt and old oil wasn't easy to remove.  From the start, the hand wheel was rotating stiffly and ever so slightly catching at 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock.  So, I was very interested in cleaning and oiling all the moving parts underneath the machine.

These are the seller's photos from the auction (pink background).   You can see how very dirty the machine arrived to me.  The sticky film of dirt and old oil wasn't easy to remove and is a slow process.  

Now then, I'm inserting "after photos" showing progress of cleaning . . . 

But first, I will publish this post--to permanently save what I've completed so far.  You see, I am having a problem with the site.  Previously I was typing along and then everything vanished twice. 

Ok.  Let's continue with the "after photos" . . . 

Dirty presser foot, thumb screw, throat plate

It is no secret Frister and Rossmann and other sewing machine manufacturers copied the very popular and petite Singer Model 12 Family Sewing Machine.  They advertised the Frister and Rossmann as the Silent Cam Action Improved Lockstitch, and in sometimes went on to claim it was the Improved Singer 12.  Cheeky, as Sr. Sewalot puts it.

Clues to dating this machine:  Serial Number 1302239 suggests a manufacturer's date around 1910. 

 Frister and Rossmann featured the Trade-Mark Berlin center medallion until WWI.  After the war started British sewing machine dealers (agents) quietly removed the Trade-Mark Berlin, but ontinued to sell them.  Eventually Vickers and Jones were the preferred brands.

I cleaned the wood base with a bit of Howard's Feed N Wax (beeswax and orange oil).

"Before Cleaning the Bobbin Winder and the Hand Wheel"

I cleaned the wood base with a bit of Howard's Feed N Wax (beeswax and orange oil).

"Before polishing the hand wheel"  

I have a special (safe) surface cleaning product called Zymol, and its companion polishing paste purchased from The Featherweight Shop.  It is expensive, but it is absolutely excellent.  

Threaded boat shuttle. 

"Before polishing"--I spent a lot of time deep cleaning the mechanics.  

Note: mid-way on the pillar is a thumb screw.  Removing the thumb screw opens up the boomerang shaped Frister & Rossmann panel, to clean and oil inside the machine.  

Guess what?  I haven't tested stitches yet.  I'd like to give it a week, and with the new oil crank it a few minutes each day.  I'll oil it again, and afterwards adjust tension and do some test stitches.  

This is a great machine, in sound condition.  Very proud to add this Frister & Rossmann Bronze Lilies to my herd.  I confess, I am addicted to sewing machines and have no shame.

Thank you for visiting me.  I have more machines to show you.

And  . . . 
I will be posting mid-October 2018 about our
Halloween Weekend Victorian House Tour and Craft Show
Sat/Sun Oct 27-28 from 10 until 5
at my home: 255 Mill St. - Scandinavia, WI
$2 per person admission at the door goes directly to The Humane  Society of Waupaca County.

Come in for a Spell.  Handmade everything: To-Die-For Chocolates, Loomed Rugs, Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry, Fresh Bakery and Treats, Pickles and Jellies, Soaps, Lotions and Balms, Vintage Pattern Aprons, Queen Quilts and Fancy Beaded Wool Purses.

Lunch in the Red Garage by Scandinavia Library Group

Plenty of Parking

I make fresh cookies every morning so you'll have a treat while you browse our Craft Show.

We have about 600 visitors each year!