Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1898 Berry Bowls


My Aunt Mary sent me her antique green glass berry bowls. There is one large bowl and 6 small single serving bowls. Since green is my favorite color, I can't tell you how excited I am to put together an ivory, gold, and green holiday table. I'm working on the tablescape right now and promise there will be some photos to post on Christmas Day!

Eliane Henderson of identifies the pattern as Sunbeam, made by The McKee Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA. in 1898. If you are interested in Early American Pattern Glass, check out Eliane's website to read the history of glass companies during the Victorian era.

I'm so happy to introduce you to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Cal Craig. I have a great photo of them to show you. AND, this post gives me an oppportunity to thank Mary for these lovely dishes passed down to her from her mother Leatha (Ashley) Harriman b. 1906, and originally owned by Mary's grandmother Edna Irene (Snow) Harriman b. 1878. Receiving beautiful antiques like these is like being in line to the throne. I'm so proud to display them in my home.

Above, Mary and Cal Craig of Colorado.

Above is Mary's mother Leatha (Ashley)Harriman

Wedding Edna Snow & James Howard Harriman May 1898
Above is Mary's Grandmother Edna (Snow)Harriman, shown here in her wedding photo May 1898 to James Howard Harriman.


Below are Edna's parents Martha Melinda (Sperry) Snow and Gilbert Spencer Snow, and children left to right: Celia Lorena (Snow) Mead b. 1866, and in the middle is Edna Irene Snow, Harriman b. 1878, and William Douglas Snow b. 1870.






In 2007, Mary and Cal were our very first visitors to our new/old Victorian home. They made the long journey from Colorado to Wisconsin to bring me a special gift--an antique sofa that graced Mary's mother Leatha's home. It is a stunning spindle couch that sits in my red dining room. Thank you Mary--these family items are incredible and give my heart a lift I cannot put into words. I love you.


Ann said...

How lucky you are to have a Aunt Mary like that...she must love you very much!

So many people do not appreciate the things their ancestors want to pass down to them, I don't get it? I find anything that belonged to my parents, grandparents or ggrandparents and further back so precious! Enjoy them on Christmas!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I love your green berry set and how special that it has a family history :)

Merry CHRISTmas!

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


Your Aunt Mary is a super lady to bequeath those beautiful family heirlooms to you. They will look gorgeous for your Christmas table! You are also indeed lucky to have so much family history and great family photos.

Merry Christmas!


Deanna said...

LOVELY Berry Bowl set. I pieced together what I call a Berry Bowl Set. Had to be creative.