Saturday, November 6, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Do you remember the song from "The Sound of Music" when Julie Andrews sang the refrain . . . "these are a few of my favorite things". Here are some photos and comments about "a few of my favorite things".

Perhaps you'll write in your blog about your favorite things so I can peer over your shoulder to see what you are up to! Inquiring minds want to know!

For me, I like lacey things and lovely colored glass. But I especially love reading your posts and connecting with you. I want to know more about your day to day life in your old house. I got such a kick out of reading your recent Halloween posts about your scary basements! The stories with pictures were written so well, and great humor. I loved it!

Above is a modern green glass bird purchased from Golden Country Gifts near Weyauwega, photographed here on the kitchen table on a ivory cotton scalloped edge doiley. Thought I'd use the glass bird it to hold a bar of soap for the upstairs bath. Ahhhhh, maybe not--its not a good fit is it? How about a tea light holder? Yes, I'm sure that is what it was intended to be in the first place.

A lacey tablecloth in the red dining room. I wish I knew more about the names of the lace patterns. Do you know the names? Please speak up and tell me more.

The tall ruby bowl--almost hat shaped with a fluted flower petal edge. I found it this summer at Unique Designs, an antiques/vintage shop in Greenville. I like it so much, and it was priced so right that I squealed like the little piggy . . . all the way home.

I collect "made in the style of Tiffany" lamps. This one in the red dining room I keep lit most of the time. It was a present from my husband Jon. He is so thoughtful, and by golly I was so impressed he took the hint so well about this lamp. Do you suppose taking him to the store and pointing it out had anything what so ever to do with the fact that I received it for Christmas?

Here's a photo of the living room taken in June 2007 when Mom and I started the two-month project of stripping wallpaper in the house. (Ooooo, glad that job is past-tense). First time I saw the spandrel was February 18, 2007 we were with the realtor doing our first walk-through of our old house. My jaw dropped as I took in the lacey-looking spandrel. Holy moly. Wished I looked that good for being 115 years old!

This is Asclepias, incarnata, "ice ballet". Its common-name is not so pretty, swamp milkweed. I like the lacey look of it. Its leaves are a food source for Monarch butterfly larva, and butterflies enjoy its flower nectar. It is a perennial, zones 3-9. It has a deep tap root and once planted is best left undisturbed. I grew this one from seed.

A very colorful Tiffany style lamp for the North Bedroom, purchased at the Brass Butterfly on Highway 10 near Weyauwega. When I first browsed the Brass Butterfly I saw five lamps I loved. I couldn't decided which one, so over a period of a year I purchased all five. Did you ever notice how your weekly grocery shopping list shortens a bit when you are also involved in buying pretty things for your house? No further explanation required.

A painting I did twenty years ago--called "old books". Can you feel the fabric?

Old Radio - Toile Lamp 21 Apr 2010
I covered the shade in toile to match drapes I made for the East bedroom. It finally looked complete after adding the fringe and trim. The old radio was a gift from Jon, and the fancy doiley I purchased in Greenville at Unique Interiors. The bedroom colors I selected are dark. However, I didn't want the color decor to be too womanly, and Jon likes the soothing feeling of the darker walls.

Chatelaine E Bedroom 21 Apr 2010
Found two identical doiles for the East bedroom. One for the dresser, and nice to have a spare on hand. The photo is my great great grandma Eva Prinz a German-American immigrant, and Chatelaine--a bust I found in a book store/vintage collectibles.
Bed E Bedroom 21 Apri 2010

By the way, here's how I pick wall colors. I find the drapery fabric first, then move forward from there. Above, drapes I made for North bedroom. The diamond pattern on both the sheer and drapery fabric were inspired by the living room spandrel.
Above is the fabric for the East Bedroom

The color for this room was decided by the bolt of drapery fabric. "Mossy" is the name of the olive wall color for our Master bedroom. The sheers hemm features diamond points, and show up again in the upper portion of the sheers. Those diamonds actually match the points in the window woodwork. I noticed it well after I hung the sheers.

I Purchased used shade from Goodwill, $2.99 and covered it with leftover drapery fabric.
Inside lining of the lampshade. This was my first lampshade covering project. I'd like to teach a Saturday workshop on covering lampshades in the art studio. Care to join me? It is so much fun, and so easy. It will knock your socks off!

Here's another Tiffany style lamps. My girlfriend Kathy admired it so. I'm a terrible friend. I liked it too and purchased it right in front of her. If it makes me sound less naughty--I asked her politely if she minded, before I bought it.

More colorful glass lamps. This oblong shaped shade in the upstairs bathroom--nicely lights an evening bath in the clawfoot tub. Better and safer than candle light. And, the softer light seems to me would respectfully diminish the neighbor's view. Reminds me of the old saying, "The night was blind, but the neighbors weren't".

Wallpaper for the bathroom
Another lacey item--yes! It's the upstairs bathroom wallpaper. It was love at first right. And inexpensive too--I wallpapered the bathroom for $60!

Thank goodness I have a big butt. Mine was in the way, while I rummaged through a small box of antique drawer pulls at a garage sale. I found (5) of these very lacey pulls, and a variety of other antique hooks. There was a person behind me who saw what I saw, and I beat him to the box of "Ta Da" items. I was so impressed with the entire box of stuff I carried it to the cashier and asked how much for the box of stuff. I got it all for $5. Sorry, person behind me. Wasn't your day.

So, that was a photo review of some of my favorites. Please blog about your favorites right away. I'll sit right here and wait, ok?


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Linda,
Beautifully done - Everything!
Amazing amount of work.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Hi Linda-

What a great idea for a post! I loved seeing all your favorite things. I love the patterns of lace and "lacey" things like your milkweed, spandrel and even your Tiffany-style lamps. You have such exquisite taste in home decor!

I'll have to look around and find what my favorite things are. :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda

I love everything I see on your blog. I adore your attention to detail and your patience in creating such lovely rooms. I also strongly admire the fact that you have such great respect for these old items and old homes -- they deserve such respect and it brings me great joy that you are giving them a new lease on life so that generations to come can admire their uniqueness.

Thank you for your blog - it's simply wonderful.

Best regards


Mrs. D said...

Thank you Virginia, for your kind words. Wow, you said so many nice things--I feel really grateful to you for taking the time to leave me a note, and give such a wonderful review. May I tell you about another hobby of mine--having to do with old items and memories? My hobby is collecting old old studio photographs--I picked them up as often as I can when browsing antique stores. Of course I am interested in all of them, but only bring home the photos that have name clues written on the back. Then I scan them, and post them on with a story where and when I found the photo. Occasionally I receive an email from a living relative of that person in the old photo, and then mail the photo to them. A reunion. Sometimes, the living relative tells me a little bit about their ancestor and allows me to write a story in my blog. You can take a look at my blog--one story is Finding Meta Schrubbe dated July 9, 2013, and another called Finding Gladys dated October 25, 2011. I received an email yesterday from a fellow who wanted to know about a photo I posted of his grandmother Emma--a photo dated 1908 Ladies Lutheran Seminary in Minn. I responded by email and offered to send him his grandmother's likeness. Waiting to hear back from him and hope he'll allow me to tell the rest of the story . . . Best wishes to you Virginia, and thank you again for sharing your lovely note. (Smiling at you).