Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Day I Met . . .

I attended the Chicago Flower Show at Navy Pier a number of years ago.  The man himself was there, and it was a real joy to hear him talk about "TOH" and his own show filmed at his home workshop.  He spoke for about an hour in the auditorium, where he had us in the palm of his hand, telling stories that made us laugh.  A genuinely wonderful human being.

Afterwards we waited in the main hall for autographs.  Much to my surprise, a couple people brought out a small table and chair where I was standing waiting.  I thought wow, if I don't move maybe I'll be first in line.  Yes!  He came out and sat down, and immediately I noticed "one on one" how shy he seemed.  While he signed my book, mostly he kept his head low. 

Respecting his space, I lean in just enough to say, thank you for giving us such a wonderful education in woodworking over the years.  He did not look up, but I could see he smiled.  He did not speak to me, but like Santa Claus went straight to his work,  handing me my book, and then accepting the next person's book.  I quietly stepped out of line, and snapped a couple photos.


  1. That is WAY cool! Yep, this guy ROCKS! I didn't realize that he was shy though. I guess when you think about people being on TV, you assume they have somewhat of a social personality. I like him even better for not being a self-important show off. I've always respected and admired Norm. I'd like to have his knowledge and craftsmanship on some things around here!

  2. NORM!

    You're so lucky to have met him! I always get frustrated while watching him build something... he has the BEST woodworking equipment EVER! He always seemed like a nice guy. Glad to know he really is!


  3. GOod Morning Linda,

    YES..Abe is THE MAN!! I am not surprised to hear about his shyness. He seems so sincere about his passion for perfection on tv. I always loved his checkered shirts--always the fashion statement!

    I rarely ever catch TOH but do see Bob Vila's reruns occasionally.

    Thanks for sharing!